Does a suede or soft leather liner in a holster protect the gun's finish??

This is a discussion on Does a suede or soft leather liner in a holster protect the gun's finish?? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Is it worth the trouble to line a holster with suede or a softer leather/material to protect the gun's finish?? Does it depend on the ...

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Thread: Does a suede or soft leather liner in a holster protect the gun's finish??

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    Does a suede or soft leather liner in a holster protect the gun's finish??

    Is it worth the trouble to line a holster with suede or a softer leather/material to protect the gun's finish??

    Does it depend on the type of finish, the type of lining??
    Does it make a significant difference??

    I've thought about it for a holster I'm making, but wonder if it would be more for fashion than function.
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    i can't see that it would make any difference to the gun finish as long as the holster is leather or nylon.
    plastic or similar i could see it wearing your finish.the only thing i would worry about is the material releasing and interferring with your draw.
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    you're gonna get holster wear no matter what. suede can trap grit and wear on the gun if not kept clean.

    i have a holster that is smooth side in and there is still wear on my EDC after just a few months of carrying it.

    horse hide will be denser and smoother then cow hide if you want to make a rough side in holster and avoid using two layers of leather.

    Questions highnoon holsters FAQ has good info.
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    If I were making some sort of presentation holster for a safe queen, maybe. If I intended to wear it daily, no way. That soft fuzzy stuff that looks great new will eventually start to hold the grit that will wear the finish. That said, all holsters will wear a finish eventually.

    If you are going to line a holster, line it with leather. Use 2 layers of leather of a lighter weight so that you have smooth leather inside and out. So, 2 layers of 4 or 5 oz leather would give you plenty of strength and a smooth interior.
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    If its a Glock it doesn't really matter!
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    If this holster your making is for your EDC, then your carry gun's finish SHOULD show excessive wear! Why? Because that tells me that you practice with it often! No matter what kind of holster you use, repeated holstering and unholstering will wear your gun's finish. If you want a gun to look pretty, keep it at home or transport it in a foam case when you take it to the range. The gun you carry daily needs to be something you practice with over and over again to ensure that if you ever need it, everything you do with it during that critical situation is second nature to you. And the only way to achieve that is practice, practice, practice!!!

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    If you want an EDC that will always look new, just get it in Stainless.
    I got a Colt Defender .45 in SS as I knew it would be one of my main carries. Also, I've had blued sidearms that have developed surface rust after leaving it in a duty holster during a 3 day weekend.
    Personally, I do not care in the least if the bluing is wearing off a regularly carried sidearm as I won't sell any again.... always end up regretting it.

    SS firearms with SS (or titanium) springs & components give me a good feeling as I have collected a pint of water per month, using "Damp Rid" for closets (from the Home Depot) from a gun safe I rarely opened. Which caused me to install "Golden Rods" (heating elements) in both my gun safes, which eliminated all condensation.
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    If you line the holster with suede it will eventually wear holes in it and could separate enough to hinder re-holstering. I would not do it.

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    The answers you've been getting are 'conventional wisdom'. Thinking outside the box is where the answer lies: choose a vegetable tannage for all your holster parts - which will automatically block you from choosing a suede lining because they will always be a chrome tannage. Chromes don't much like metal, and suede linings are rarely 'suede' but instead are 'splits'. And these need thickness, so the outer layer of cowhide must be thinner, and it's only the outer layer that gives your holster stiffness.

    Do suede leathers abrade your pistol? Eliminate the question by choosing a smooth grain against your pistol. Can they come loose? If the holster has been oiled for colour, which can attack the glue between the layers. Will an unlined holster wear your pistol? If it's not moulded fully, and if the 'flesh' side of the cowhide has been left rough by its tanner. Horsehide? I've not used it, but own several and they are the original 'kydex', so if you buy one, your maker had better know how to mould it.

    So: it depends on if your maker KNOWS what he/she is doing, rather than relying on conventional wisdom.

    Clear as mud? Yup, you have to know a LOT to choose your holster well. When I learned how to buy suits, it was a textbook course, and I can choose well every time (no equivalent of 'the box full of holsters' in my closet).
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5lima30ret View Post
    If its a Glock it doesn't really matter!
    Beat me to it. I was going to say I carry an ugly old glock so who cares. But it really applies to any EDC weapon. It's a tool, useful tools show wear.
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    All Silent Thunder holsters made by Garrett Industries are leather lined kydex and they are fine holsters.

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    It's a carry gun..... It's supposed to have holster wear :)

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    you know, when I see a used gun that I'm looking for , and it has a bit of holster wear ...... I "like it", because typically that means they felt confident in the gun to actually carry it and felt comfortable it would be reliable enough to put their life on it. I like it, because typically means that it's someone that would likely take care of their gun and know how too. It also means more than likely, they broke it in for me.

    A pristine used gun, is one I don't know I'm interested in :
    * they didn't use it much
    * they may have not felt comfortable or have enough confidence in it to carry it.
    * they may or may not have had a clue how to clean it, care for it, etc.
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