Kind of annoyed with CrossBreed

Kind of annoyed with CrossBreed

This is a discussion on Kind of annoyed with CrossBreed within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have owned quite a few CrossBreed holsters over the years and I have always been happy with the product. 5 weeks ago I ordered ...

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Thread: Kind of annoyed with CrossBreed

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    Kind of annoyed with CrossBreed

    I have owned quite a few CrossBreed holsters over the years and I have always been happy with the product. 5 weeks ago I ordered a crossbreed for my S&W3913. I have been extremely excited about getting this holster as I have been carrying my 3913 in a Remora and it just didn't work well. So today I got my holster and I am disappointed. Part of it is my fault as I probably should have done a bit more research. The other part I feel is their fault because they are selling the holster under a heading that it doesn't belong under.

    Here's the issue - They list the holster as for the 5906, Mod 39, 3913, etc. The 5906 and the 3913 are not the same gun. Some 5900 series have a round trigger guard and others have a square one. 3913's have a round trigger trigger guard. Also, the frame IS different. This holster just doesn't fit well and because of it the gun is not stable in the holster.

    2013-11-01 17.14.05.jpg2013-11-01 17.14.10.jpg2013-11-01 17.14.21.jpg 2013-11-01 17.23.13.jpg2013-11-01 17.23.20.jpg

    I'm bothered because IMO it's halfass. Does it fit the 3913? Yeah.. I guess... Kind of. It's like a shoe that's a size to big. It fits but it doesn't FIT. What I'm really annoyed at though is my time. I waited 5 weeks for this holster. That's 5 weeks that I could have had a holster on order that is actually made for the gun. If you don't make a holster for a gun that's fine. Just say that. Don't sell a holster that doesn't fit as a holster that will. I know I can send it back but I shouldn't have to.
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    One size should not fit all on a custom holster.
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    the 5 week wait time was enough to send me elsewhere.... send it back, get a refund and buy a SHTF Gear holster. I have three, and they are unbeatable, assuming they make on for your gun. Also, it will save you a few bucks with the same, or in your case, significantly better, quality and attention to detail.
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    5 weeks for a kydex shell that does not fit? i have gotten molded leather in half that time.
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    I think the wait time for the More Expensive Holsters is way overboard for what you get my Crossbred looks the same as a Shtf holster for a smaller price .

    I ordered approx. 460.00 worth of stuff belt,holsters. i sure hope its worth the wait ( 09-28-13 ) High Noon if this order is not of the highest quality i will never spend or buy a high end holster .
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    I got a crossbreed today for my G27 and am very pleased with it. I have it on as I write this. Took a couple of tries to get it comfortable, but works very well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    I know I can send it back but I shouldn't have to.
    That is a bummer for sure. I had the opposite problem with Crossbreed, I called and asked if they made a holster for a Bersa Firestorm and they said no, but I saw they did one for the Bersa thunder which is almost identical. I bought it and it fitted the Firestorm like a glove.

    If you really don't want to return it, you could make it fit quite easily. The aforementioned Bersa crossbreed is now the new home for my SCCY CPX-2. All I did was take a heat gun, apply heat to the Kydex till it got soft, then slipped the gun in and molded the kydex to the shape of the SCCY. Just make sure you wear gloves, ask me why I know...!!.

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    I got horrible service from them when I complained about the Kydex that was definitely melted beyond acceptable levels. It wasn't until I threatened to share my opinion on the forums that they made it right. In their defense, (maybe, it was likely more about the threat of bad PR) they then offered to refund 100% of the money in addition to sending me a good holster. I didn't take the refund, as I wasn't just looking for a freebie. I just wanted a usable holster. (Which I use daily now)

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    That's extremely disappointing. They've just fallen in my personal ranking system. I'm sorry for your hassle.
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    I needed a crossbreed for my sig ultra compact 45, at the time they didn't offer one. I went to a shop in Missouri that just so happens to carry a selection of crossbreed holsters...they are made in Mo and found that the sig p290 holster fits like it's made for the ultra.

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    Crossbreed is a good holster however I prefer an Ozark holster because it is half the price and the quality is as good or better in my opinion and also has a lifetime warranty. The holster is made by one person and it will be to you inside a week. He also will stay in contact from start to finish. The holster is $45.00 shipped. If you are not happy with it you can send it back and get a refund. I have bought two so far for different guns. Here is the link take a look. Also if he does not make a holster for the type of gun you have, he will find one if possible and will make it. Sorry you had a bad experience.

    Handmade Hybrid IWB Holsters | Ozarks Holster Company
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    I stick with MTAC from Comp-Tac. I'm getting the feeling that Crossbreed may be losing it's way a bit after Mark's passing.
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