Box-O-Holsters: How many U Got?

This is a discussion on Box-O-Holsters: How many U Got? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I currently have 18 in my Box-O....

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Thread: Box-O-Holsters: How many U Got?

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    Box-O-Holsters: How many U Got?

    I currently have 18 in my Box-O.
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    I think I have 11 total, not as bad as others I'm sure.

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    At least three for every gun + probably two or three each for several guns I no longer own.
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    I thought I was a bit extreme with 6 or 7 in drawers. :D

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    I don't have a box yet... Only three holsters.

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    i got a army foot locker full. it is hard to shut. i also got some in a large cardboard box. some of my holster are from the early 1970. they are still in good shape and go to guns that i have and have carried on and off duty. i buy only named brand high dollar holsters. no cheap made holsters. at this time i have seven holsters that i use just for my duty gun. two inside the pants, two belt and two shoulder holsters. i dress around my gun. also i have one holster on my raid gear for the duty gun. if you stay in the carry gun game you will collect many holsters. as we say around the office, "i am in the holster of the month club".
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    Until several weeks ago I had a couple that didn't exactly fit any of my guns, but then I bought another gun. Now everything I have fits something I have - can't speak for hubby, but he's still watching football so have to ask him some other time.
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    They seem to be every where. Somewhere between 15 - 20.
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    Just picked up a lot of 6 used holsters (somebody else's whole drawer worth), bringing my total up to 11.
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    I've got about 8, not counting the ones that are with my 3" 1911 on consignment. Generally I have IWB, OWB, and sometimes a range holster for each. My SA 1911 came with a crappy holster and mag pouch that have never come out of the factory case.

    EDIT: Forgot the one I use for running, so I guess that's 9.

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    I currently have one. I use it so much i might have to buy a replacement soon. Just to still have ONE.
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    Hmmm...quite a few, I guess. I have several AceCase holsters that were really cheap, a few Uncle Mike's that I've probably had for 25 years, a Miami Classic that's nice but not really worn anymore...then I have a bunch of Garrett Industry rigs. All of those get used, some more than others.
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    I've lost count.
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    The NoNameVille Holster Express contains 3 old shoulder rigs; 2 nylon 1 leather. One of them works for my 22 Beretta. Plus 4 more old leather holsters for guns I haven't had in a coons age.

    In the safe 3 or 4 more but all have a handgun tucked inside resting. Could be worse I spose...I could be the guy with the trunk full
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    too many holsters .... not enough firearms

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