Airlines and Gun Belts?

Airlines and Gun Belts?

This is a discussion on Airlines and Gun Belts? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just curious here what everyone's experiences are with gun belts and the airlines. Last time I flew I had to take my shoes off and ...

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Thread: Airlines and Gun Belts?

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    Airlines and Gun Belts?

    Just curious here what everyone's experiences are with gun belts and the airlines. Last time I flew I had to take my shoes off and my belt and send them through the scanner. Do gun belts themselves cause any issue? Mine have stiffiners and velcro liners so they certainly aren't normal "belts". What about any residue setting off their super-sensitive scanners?

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    Most belts have metal buckles thats why you have to remove them since they set off metal detectors,they aren't going to pick up gun powder residue on your belt
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    Nope. I fly everywhere with mine. They make you take off your belt even if its plastic these days.

    Last week I even got a wand down for good measure.

    It's funny, when you travel over seas you can always spot the Americans in the airport. We all start stripping. The guards have to explain its not needed here. Europe just does a quick bag search at the gate. Chili does the same but they actually enforce a no liquids policy at the gate. This is quite annoying as they take any water you might have. Yes even if you bought it in the airport past security. Grrrr

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    I travel a lot. I am part of the "Pre-check" program and don't have to take anything off or out; laptop, shoes, coat, belt. Best way to go.

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    Sorry, no info on gun belts. But, just FYI, flying home from Florida a couple of weeks ago, they sent a bunch of people through an "express" lane that did not require removal of shoes, belts, or laptops from carryons. It seems to have been some kind of experiment. Almost felt like being a human.

    Anyway, just to point out that the current belt rules may or may not last. What works today may not tomorrow, and vice versa.
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    TSA back in 2002 did not believe that Doctors put stainless steel wire in my chest to hold me together and it took 50mins to get thru security that's why I do not fly any more.

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    Last I flew was 2002 and had my 4th Amend Rights violated by the excuse of the "Illegal Patriot Act". Fat chance I'll allow that to happen again.

    Now days is the "Enhanced Patriot Act". No way I will enter an airport until we reclaim our Constitutional Rights.

    It is beyond odd, that the TSA gestapo has yet to find a single 'terrorist'.
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    I have flown numerous times on several airlines wearing my Dillon Leather gun belts w/ brass buckle. I had to take them off and they gave them back to me w/ no issues. YMMV.
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    No. Gun belts are not an issue. Its just a belt. I'm part of the crowd who has everything out of pockets and belt off and in my bag before I get to the scanners. I usually wear slip on shoes too. Anything to make airport checks less painful.

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    It's just a belt dude, don't overthink it.....
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    I would rather drive or swim than fly...

    Last time I deal with TSA it was Midway in Chicago. What a Cluster-... TSA in Chicago make Charles Manson look like a super-nice guy that loves duckies and bunnies. What horrible excuses for people.

    On the way to Chicago, Lambert St Louis was a breeze.
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    I have to wear a belt with pants.... My carry belt just happens to be a wilderness tactical frequent flyer... so it has Delrin rings instead of a buckle. besides being a super daily carry belt, it makes quick work of dealing with security. as to wether carry belt would be an issue, they wouldnt know a carry belt if you slapped them across the face with it.
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    a few years ago, i wore my 5-stitch Wilderness Frequent Flyer belt when i flew from Seattle to Chicago. this belt is 1.5" wide, and quite stiff, but the buckle is all plastic. no metal in it at all. airport security still made me remove it before i went through the scanner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gun1 View Post
    Just curious here what everyone's experiences are with gun belts and the airlines.
    I rarely fly, mostly due to all the ludicrous aspects to the "bend over" routine that they force upon folks to get a ticket and a seat.

    Have had nobody question the "gun" aspect of the belt, in the sense that my belts are 1.5" and stoutly made, and in the sense they've been to the range and elsewhere. Never had an issue with powder residues setting off any alarms.

    Had an empty cartridge casing get found, once. They really liked that. I figured they were adults, they'd cope. (And, they did.) Tossed the empty, and continued on my way.

    But the metal buckles are what they want shoved into the bin during the scanning. So, generally I travel with belt-less pants and comfortable slip-on shoes, then simply change into appropriate gear at the destination. Satisfies the silly procedures, helps me be more comfortable, helps me have to "strip" less during the travels. Win-win, sort of.
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    It's just a belt ...
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