I just have to write. I, like a lot of guys, have a Box 'O Holsters. I carry a variety of guns, but always had difficulty finding the right holster. After a lot more research, I came across the N82 sight. I called them and spoke to one of the women there.

I wanted to alternate carrying either my P250SC or my P250 Compact. She said one holster would fit both. She was absolutely correct! I ordered my holster late Thursday night and Monday morning it was waiting for me in the mail. I immediately put it on and it is by far the most comfortable holster I have ever worn. I am a big guy, sort of a muffin top, well this thing fit perfectly. I didn't even remember it was on at times it was that comfortable.

I would strongly recommend these holsters over any of the other IWB holsters out there. Great price, good people to deal with, lifetime warranty, American made and a perfect fit. What's not to like?

One can't go wrong with a N82 holster. Just had to brag a little.

Thanks all.....