Ever Heard Of This Holster?!

Ever Heard Of This Holster?!

This is a discussion on Ever Heard Of This Holster?! within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I got an e-mail from a friend who said he was going to order a holster from LAW Concealment Systems (the LCS II). I've never ...

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Thread: Ever Heard Of This Holster?!

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    Ever Heard Of This Holster?!

    I got an e-mail from a friend who said he was going to order a holster from LAW Concealment Systems (the LCS II).

    I've never heard of them, and when looking at their website could see no advantage to the rig. On top of that, the website even looks like an amateurish effort. Sorry if I'm offending someone, but that's what I thought.

    Oh, and I warned him to never send credit card info by e-mail--I saw that they suggest cutting and pasting the order form into an e-mail, complete with credit card info.

    Given that, I somewhat discouraged him from buying, in spite of his message saying he was planning to order.

    Has anyone ever had experience with these things? What do you think?

    Here's the website: http://www.handgunconcealment.com/LCSII.htm
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    I've seen those before. Looks like nothing more than a pocket protector Steve Urkel carries. Tell him not to waste his money. Heck I bet it's Pleather.

    Tell him he can get a custom fit, leather rig for the same price give or take. And that's not a plug for me, I can give you about 4-5 others with comparable prices.
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    a molded holster will be much better. The LAW holster looks as if it might have retention problems.
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    If in doubt............DON'T RISK IT.....

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    That holster and company have been around for years. They advertise in the pages of most of the gun rags.

    I vaguely remember a review done in "Combat Handguns" a few years back. I don't recall how it did in the review.
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    Regardless of how their holsters are I would only enter in a Credit Card number on a secure page and I would not send CC info through E-mail.

    If you look at any PAY page and you do not see Https:// instead of the usual Http:// then it's not a secure page and no personal information should ever be entered on an unsecure web page.
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    Tell him he can get one of these for a lot less...

    Seriously, with all the great holster makes right here on this board, he should come here and look around...and if he doesn't accept an invite then you can go to bed wih a clear conscience, knowing you did what you could do....

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    I have one...

    My wife (Who was my girlfriend at the time), bought me one. It was the lined nylon one. I've had it for about 11 years. Here's my opinion of it.

    The pluses:
    * It'll carry several different types of handguns.
    * You can carry it in the straight drop or canted.
    * Two clips are on either side of the handgun, so it's narrow.
    * The flap spreads the weight of the gun over a larger area(No sag).
    * You can clip it over the belt so it'll ride anywhere on your waist.
    * The large rectangular design makes for a comfortable carry.

    The negatives:
    * Can't reholster with one hand for the most part.
    * Isn't good looking.
    * Not molded to the weapon.
    * Can buy something similar on "Jagwear.com" for less in both
    leather & nylon ($25-$30, I think).

    I always buy by phone, never through the internet anyways & I advise everyone to do the same.

    The holster served it's purpose for many years & I'm currently using it for my Glock 36 until I get a good leather IWB holster for it. In the past, I have used it for the following: Sig 226, Dan Wesson .357, Glock 21, & 36.

    Get it if you need it for several weapons; otherwise, you can get better.
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    never heard of um and i can see why i sure wouldnt buy it

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    don't know. but, i would go with a galco inside the pant holster.

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    There is (was?) a similar "holster" (I'd call it more of a carrier personaly) on e-bay made from a heavy cordura that would function exactly the same for $15 or so.
    It's an interesting idea, might be comfortable and functional with some gun's (as pointed out can be used with more then one gun), but at that price (the LCS) it isn't worth it (imho)

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    Dean Spier has an article about magazine gunwriters only printing positive reviews even when the product doesn't deserve it, and uses a review he wrote on a previous version of this holster as an example:


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