IWB holster

IWB holster

This is a discussion on IWB holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm looking for an IWB holster for both my G27 and my XDS .45. I do not like the look of the kydex holsters and ...

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Thread: IWB holster

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    IWB holster

    I'm looking for an IWB holster for both my G27 and my XDS .45.

    I do not like the look of the kydex holsters and would prefer mine to be leather. Also, do not want to spend $50 per holster, but will as needed.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Can't help you with the leather holster thing because I use kydex and/or Remora. Finding a really good leather or combination leather/kydex for under $50 is a real challenge. Perhaps others can steer you where you need to go.
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    If you happen to be interested in a Remora, they're having the 40% off sale with the free mag holder again through today. SALE40 is the coupon code.

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    Look at High Noon Holsters, Gun Holsters and Concealment Holsters great selection in all leather starting around $30. Most standard guns in stock and you can have them in a few days. Good quality and good folks to deal with. Take a look.
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    Normally when I think of a $50 leather holster, the thought that comes to my mind is that it's probably a cheapo...not that it's too expensive. If you're considering $50 an expensive leather holster...then it's gonna be a tough search and you may end up buying a bunch of cheap ones that add up to more than the cost of 1 expensive one before you find something that really works :)

    However, they do exist, they are just hit or miss. Might work great for you...might be a waste of $40. But try ebay. There's usually something cheap or possibly hand made ones that someone did themselves and is just trying to make a buck on. You might get lucky and find a pretty decent one or two for that cheap. The bright side is that I actually find that service on ebay is better than online stores even, because each customer leaves feedback and even just a couple negatives can destroy a seller.

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    My best suggestion if your looking for an inexpensive holster and I say that rather than cheap is to really dig into what makes a good holster. There are leather holsters that are well made and inexpensive but they aren't typical. To get a good rig in that pricing your really going to have to know what your looking at and be able to tell the good from bad. Think of it like buying a used car for under $1,000 sure it can be done, you can get something that will last quite a while or be a great deal if you know what your looking at. You can also buy something that won't even get you 2 miles down the road before massive failure.

    Take care!

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    You might want to check out the Galco Tuck-n-Go IWB. It is made of leather in the USA. It has an internal metal band in the holster to ease re-holstering. I purchased one several months ago for my Glock 36 and I have been very happy with it. BTW, it is under $30. Good luck!
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    I know you want leather but look into PJ holsters. I like many here have tried MANY different holsters looking for the one that is just right. I bought a PJ IWB holster for my M&P Shield and it is without a doubt the most comfortable holster I've ever used (and very reasonable too).

    Tommy Theis makes a great and comfortable IWB holster BTW.

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    Hello, I have two kusiak leather holsters for my bodyguard and shield, couldn't be happier . I noticed on the website they have holsters for the Glock and XDs, start at $35, check out their website,


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    Howdy from Ohio...good to have you in the house! There is nice little leather holster company in my communities back yard called Stoner Holsters: IWB Holsters : Gun Holsters Custom Made and Concealed - Shipping Worldwide

    They get good reviews around these parts and people that I know that own one or two or three or...you get the point...really like them. I don't own one, but if I ever went with a leather holster, I'd seriously consider them.

    Good luck!
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    In the lower price ranges for leather, I've seen decent reviews for Don Hume, Falco Holsters (good holster reviews but some poor customer service reviews), Galco, High Noon (have one that I bought while waiting for a nicer holster to be made, it's plain but functional) and there are some on Ebay that have gotten some decent reviews (and there are used ones for sale as well)

    I also get not liking the look of kydex, as I prefer leather as well, BUT considering you're looking at IWB don't discount kydex (or hybrids) as no one is really going to see them and in your price range, you could order an alien gear holster with a second shell and your Total should be right around $50 shipped
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    Up your budget if you want "leather" worth calling leather.
    I spent over $100 for ever leather holster I own. Milt Sparks VM2 (2) and DM Bullard Dual Carry (2)
    I regret the Mitch Rosen Workman and that was the most expensive.

    My XDS rides in a Minotaur M-TAC.
    Clearance Items - products new home - Clearance MTAC Chestnut Backing
    they have XDS and G27 in stock with Chesnut backing (clearance item) $75 or $90 for black leather backing. Kydex interchangeable bodies.

    High Noon has a few all leather holsters that are super cheap, but you get what you pay for. Their reinforced mouth holsters I have heard WONDERFUL things about. I own a High Noon Split Decision and while it was very cheap, it is a decent leather holster. I got what I paid for...
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    Tell you what, man. Good leather holsters are expensive.

    And good leather holsters are worth every nickel.

    A fine gun will serve you no good if you don't carry it. And a cheap holster makes carrying it miserable. Fastest way to spot a greener is either the constant tugging of the shirt or the hitching of the jeans. With time and confidence, the tugging ends. But the hitching will continue until a good belt and holster are brought to bear.

    Get a good belt and holster. You dropped well over a grand on your Springer and Glock. Another 200 for two good leather (kydex is cheaper) holsters and a good belt designed to carry a gun all day is at least as important as the guns.

    If you don't believe me, I'll get back to you in a year. Yeah, I'm that confident that what I say is true.
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    Try a N8 2 tactical. Ihave one for a SR40C and it is the most comfortable iwb I have ever worn.

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    Allthough I do not own any,I have heard good things about this holster and it sounds like a good value.
    Springfield XDS IWB Black Holster

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