Holster, Belt & Mag Holder?

Holster, Belt & Mag Holder?

This is a discussion on Holster, Belt & Mag Holder? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm planning on up grading to a newer type of holster as per my other thread and I have another question..... How many of you ...

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Thread: Holster, Belt & Mag Holder?

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    Holster, Belt & Mag Holder?

    I'm planning on up grading to a newer type of holster as per my other thread and I have another question.....

    How many of you have the holster, belt and a mag holder? Do you wear all 3 all the time?

    I just used to wear my IWB with just a thick belt and no spare mag. On occasion I just had a extra mag in a pants pocket. I now feel it is time to do it right and get everything from the same vender. I'm leaning on getting a OWB mag holder instead of a IWB from what I've read here.

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    All three all the time (the holster and the mag pouch would be pretty useless without the belt ). I carry in a Comp-Tac C-T.A.C. on a Wilderness Tactical Instructor Belt. One or two extra mags in a kydex mag holder on the weak side.

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    My re load carrier is a Galco "COP" mag cuff case. I wear it off duty.
    My holster is a Laredo Defender by K&D and I usually beat up a G&G or Galco belt.

    I also have an incredibly beautiful belt made by K&D but it's so nice I really don't want to scuff it up
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    Howdy and welcome aboard!

    We advise our clients to ALWAYS carry a spare mag, and to do so in a mag pouch (it doesn't have to be one of ours as long as it works properly, but always, always, always carry one).

    Why? Because statistically, most auto pistol malfunctions are caused either by dirt or a magazine related failure. If you keep your carry gun clean and properly lubed, then the odds are overwhelming that any malf that you experience will be mag related. The only cure for a bad magazine is another mag. Keep in mind that your super whiz bang blastomatic depends upon a $12 (wholesale) piece of sheet metal to operate properly, and sometimes things made that inexpensively do tend to have quality control issues. I have either experienced myself, or seen first hand three instances of a broken mag spring (two cases) and jammed follower (single case) that occurred with OEM factory mags in good shape that occurred spontainously and without warning. The result was that these individuals had been carrying a single shot pistol around for months since changing out mags & ammo. One of those individuals happened to be me, and it was a startling thing to experience a "click" on round 2, when there should have been a "bang". (Fortunately, I was just burning off old carry ammo, rather than actually defending myself.)

    Secondly, while most gunfights are over in less than 4 rounds, your assailant may have a buddy (or three). Multiple attacker type engagements are becoming more and more common. One of my mentors was Evan Marshall and he drilled into my head that "there's no such thing as too much ammo in a gunfight". Since he has survived (literally) a dozen or more gunfights in his time with Detroit PD, I'll take his word on it.

    In short, I know that I'd feel pretty stupid laying on the ground bleeding to death because I didn't want to carry a spare mag.

    Also keep in mind that no holster will function properly without a gun belt. No matter where you bought it or how much you spent on it, if a belt was not engineered to be a gunbelt and built accordingly, it ain't a gunbelt and will not perform as one.

    You'll also find that differing makers have differing ideas as to what constitutes a given width, and holsters from one maker may or may not fit properly and work well with another maker's belt. If you already have a decent gunbelt, tell whoever makes your holster who made it. If you don't yet have a gunbelt, my recommendation is that you order one from the same shop that made your holster and mag pouch.

    I hope all this helps. Good luck!
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    I carry my P229 in a Sam Andrews Paddle Style OWB with a thumbsnap and a well-crafted high quality single mag carrier made by Sam's then 9-year-old son (!). I hang this on a Beltman 1.5" tapered bullhide belt. The entire ensemble, from pistol grip to belt tip, is finished in black the better to enhance concealment, rides nice and firm and secure. Then I feel well dressed without wearing a tie...


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    Always, sometimes a single pouch, somtimes double. I also have two Milt Sparks belts, a Kramer sharkskin belt and a Rafters S sharkskin belt.

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    I'll be rigging up with three matching pieces pretty soon, from:

    High Performance Concealment Systems for the Professional


    I'm just waiting quietly, cause good things happen to those that have a lot of patience.......

    BTW: I think a complete rig from ANY of our member leather artists a great combo to carry. (Edited Tuesday)
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