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This is a discussion on Still Searching within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Okay guys and gals, I am still searching for a good IWB or shoulder rig, for my Ruger P94. Until I find a comfortable holster, ...

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    Still Searching

    Okay guys and gals, I am still searching for a good IWB or shoulder rig, for my Ruger P94. Until I find a comfortable holster, I am carrying my Ruger SP101. I just do not feel comfortable with 5 shots versus 11 shots and am much more comfortable shooting my P94, have shot several thousand rounds through P94, it was my duty weapon, the SP101 was my backup gun. Is it possible to conceal a gun as large as the P94, comfortably. I sit and stand quite a bit and have not found a comfortable IWB holster. I would love to find a shoulder rig that conceals the P94, but where????/ I am new to concealed carry, but, a retired LEO, so not new to firearms. I am just so much more comfortable with my P94 and am familiar with it's characteristics.

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    Search Fist, Inc...

    Via the Related Links up above and to the right...
    Continue to look via holsters...then Fist, Inc...
    I have a Fist shoulder rig and it is very comfortable...
    I also have 2 doz+ holsters from Fist...great products...

    Also, there are some great holster makers on this forum...I know none of them personally...but most are well spoken of...

    Good luck in your search...

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    Shoulder holsters for the P94 should be readily available. DeSantis makes one but not Galco. Most of the custom makers probably have a mold for your gun also. Get on the phone and start calling!!

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    Danny - all I can suggest is what I used for some while with my P95 - back when that was a carry piece. Fair time ago that was.

    I used a Bianchi X-15 large - which is a fwd/front break vertical rig. It worked well for me and was comfortable - except - the elastic top strap across my shoulders did tend to ride a smidgeon high onto my neck.

    No concealment problem - just a minor irritation. Draw was for me very adequate - in fact pretty fast. I would still use this rig even now with my 226, which sits in it quite well - but have pretty much stuck to my OWB all the time now.

    These are pretty crummy pics but - gives you a feel for this rig/combo -

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    The most comfortable IWB I have used so far has been the CTAC from Comptac. Looks like they make it for the P94. The lightweight thin kydex and total custom adjustability is great. I have a box full of IWBs from Rosen,Sparks and Kramer but I like the CTAC the best so far. A key factor to success also involves buying a quality gun belt. Not some cheap belt from Walmart.

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    Everyone's got their favorites. Mine is from

    Check out his shoulder rigs and I have two of his IWB's.
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    I carry a HK USP f , so bigger guns can be carried. i use a custom kydex rig, but have used OWB leather too. Alot depends on cover garments and gun/holster placement.
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    shoulder holster

    +1 on the FIST line of holsters. BacSi
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    here are the shoulder holsters that i use for my glock 22 and glock 27. it is the galco maimi classic.

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