S&W J-Frame Carry Options

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Thread: S&W J-Frame Carry Options

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    S&W J-Frame Carry Options

    First I just want to say that this forum is one of the best that I have encountered. The depth of knowledge and opinion to be found on this website is hardly second to none.
    It is because of that that I ask this question,

    I have a 5 shot snub j-frame. I am not a grossly fat man but I carry a few extra pounds on my body. I need opinions on carry options for my revolver. I usually wear cowboy cut wrangler jeans and a button up shirt tucked in. I would like to keep with the basic wardrobe. Gun has to be concealed at all times --so no SOB holsters. I was thinking maybe a sholder harness rig. Open a button. pull out the gun?

    I know that you all will have many comments for me. Thanks in advance.

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    From experience, I recommend the SMZ shoulder holster from K.L. Null Holsters: http://www.klnullholsters.com/
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    I can carry my J frame three ways. An IWB holster where it positively disappears even under a tee shirt. Pocket holster which will depend on the pants as to level of real concealment, also hard to draw while seated. Chest band, good concealment but slow draw. A shoulder holster won't work for me most of the year here in FL. Too hot for the needed cover garment. If I was going for one I'd look here:


    My J frame is usually not my primary. I find a .45 very concealable most of the time.
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    A deep cover holster will let you keep you shirt tucked in. thunderwear, bellyband, t shirt hplster or tuckable IWB. Lots of choices, try doing some searches on these holster options and you will get lots of opinions.
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    Welcome to the Forum.
    For the mode of dress you're wearing you might want to do a search on posts by member fed_wif_a_Sig. He uses an undershirt type holster for daily carry and seems pleased with it - unfortunately I don't recall the brand.

    One caution, try to avoid white or light colored shirts as the gun can show through. If you're willing to leave your shirt untucked that opens up a lot more options for carry like IWB or OWB. Pocket holsters probably won't work well with your Wranglers as they're cut too snug. I have the same trouble with my Levi's 505 & 550 but I've started wearing the Levi's carpenter's jeans and I can pocket carry my j-frame with no trouble at all (and the change/watch pocket easily conceals a spare speedstrip reload) - plus the small leg pocket is perfect for carrying my Surefire 6P flashlight.

    Good luck figuring all this out, it takes a little trial and error but it's worth it.

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    I carry my S & W J frame all day in a Mika pocket holster. It fits well in almost every kind of pants, from shorts to dress slacks. I don't wear jeans here in Florida, but I would guess that it would not fit well in a pair of tight fitting jeans. But, short of that, IMO pocket carry in a proper holster is the most comfortable way to carry a snub nose J frame revolver. Good luck on whatever you decide.


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    My recommendations would be...

    1. Smartcarry if that would work for you
    2. Pocket carry
    3. 5.11 Undershirt carry holster would be a great option for you also
    4. Tuckable IWB like Highnoon Holsters Split Decision

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    comp-tac ctac iwb tuckable works great for me.

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    +1 on a belly-band style. A bit tricky to get the velcro *just* tight enough to not slip down when worn up around the chest.

    I can wear this under a tucked in dress shirt (no tie) and can draw fairly quickly by leaving the top two buttons undone.

    Nice and discreet.

    Deep concealment.

    Reasonably fast draw (I can put lead downrange in just over 2 seconds but I need a two hands draw for the speed).

    Cost me about $30.

    Comfortable enough to wear for most of the day but not enough to forget it's there.

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    I use Smartcarry most of the time. It actually helps keep my shirt tucked in.

    Other than that my choices would be
    1 Tuckable IWB holster
    2 Belly band or Kangroo Holster
    3 Pocket carry.

    I would choose pocket carry first and then try others on my list with a tuckable holster being last. The reason for this is: Pocket carry cheapest, custom made tuckable most expensive.

    Welcome to the Forum

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    Well, there're alot of choices. I personally carried my J frame for approx. 7 yrs. daily. I carried it in a renegade ankle holster while working. I traded off between pocket carry & an IWB holster while not working, although, I went back to pocket carry when I worked narcotics.

    What's odd though, is that I pocket carried it in "normal" jeans most of the time. Because of my build, I wear wrangle relaxed & loose jeans along with Levi 560 & 569's. I have a relatively narrow waist compared to the rest of me, I'm 5'10 & 200.

    IMHO, I think you ought to look at pocket carry AND an IWB holster.
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    If you don't mind shooting with the traditional small round butt grips, look at Barami Hip Grips. disappears in the waistband W/ a bloused shirt.
    Also a +1 for the Ken Null "SKZ + SMZ upside down shoulder holsters.
    Oh yeh? Well this was sent from the scary black electrical box under my desk, so there!
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    you can get the beltclip, a good ankle holster, and/or the galco udc holster. all work well with the j-frame.

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    I carry a model 85ul in a bellyband and I also have a Blackhawk IWB. Both will do the job well. The band works best for me. Goodluck

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    Welcome aboard! FWIW, I can tell you that virtually all of the tactical trainers I've either met (or even heard of, for that matter) carry strong side. That would be the mode of carry that I would recommend. However, I will never recommend a tuckable holster - imho they are a dangerous concept.
    A pocket holster is a great idea if your clothing allows. If you are paying attention and have a grip on the gun in advance, you can make a brainpan shot in less than a half second. That's about the fastest way to make a shot from concealment that I can think of.
    Shoulder rigs are, imho, a special purpose tool. However, having said that, I've heard good stuff about the Null SMZ.
    Helping newbies get started is part of what we do. Please feel free to call us for a free phone consultation (423.733.1779). Good luck!

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