Review - Kangaroo holster ****

Review - Kangaroo holster ****

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Thread: Review - Kangaroo holster ****

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    Review - Kangaroo holster ****

    One Man's opinion - Kangaroo Holster
    First let me tell you the problem I am trying to solve. I work in a professional environment - by that I mean that I am usually wearing slacks and a tucked-in shirt. No cover shirt, no un-tucked shirt over your dress shirt. So, I have felt many of the options available we not available to me. I sit down quite a bit, so the "smartcarry" option did not appeal to me much. A shoulder holster or belly band seemed like the real deal, but I needed one that would fit under my dress shirt, and many of the belly bands rode up or down, and felt very confining. So, I tried the Kangaroo holster.
    The Kangaroo holster has been mentioned at this forum before. It is kind of like a belly band with a one shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is made of elastic, the band made of cotton. There is one part of the band where elastic and velcro make the connection to the rest of the band. Here is a link where you can see how it fits:

    I wear an undershirt, and wear the Kangaroo holster between my undershirt and dress shirt. It is confortable enough to wear all day, and has been my preferred method of carry ever since I got it. The cost is right, at less than $25. It is not constricting like a belly band, and you can use the velcro to adjust the shoulder strap as well as the band. It comes in different sizes to fit different size people, and comes in different sized "pouches" to fit different size guns.

    I got the large size band, and small size gun pouch. I am 5'8 and about 210, so I'm fireplug built, with about a 44 inch chest. I have carried a S&W 642 revolver, a Makarov, and a Glock 19. All fit the gun pouch fine, and none has ever fallen out. In fact, I have never even felt the gun slip, in spite of the lack of a thumb break. The Glock19 feels a little large under your arm, but it is manageable. The Makarov fits like a dream, so those of you with this size firearm will really like the feel. The revolver, to, fit very well.

    I give this a 4 star rating. I have found no problems with it, but could not give it a 5 star simply because I have not had it long enough to be able to comment on the durability of the holster. However, it is washable, and if it last 6 months, I would be happy. For $25, I can afford to buy another. Thanks for your time!
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    Might have to try one of those.
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    Have had mine for a couple of years. Works fine with my PM9.

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    This site offers the Kangaroo Industries holster with a thumb strap for retention. It's listed as the AM (Air Marshall) Model. It's available for about $27.00

    I've also come across this other Tactical Belly Band Type Holster. I personally have't tried it out but I would consider ordering it in the future if for nothing more than to have another option to carry.
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    How in the world do you ever get to the gun???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Realleycat View Post
    How in the world do you ever get to the gun???
    That's kinda my point about this set up as well. Basically it (for me) would serve as a good BUG option as I hate pocket carry or for deep concealment when you need to be low pro with it. I'd never where it on the street as a primary but I could see it as a BUG set up.

    I actually like the SpecGear truss holster better, I think it would make the better choice of the two and has more options and way's to carry other things.

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    Thumbs up How do you get to it?

    I get to my ultra carry very easy and fast.I wear western shirts with snaps and leave the top snap open and then grab the shirt between the 2nd and 3rd snaps with left hand and yank it open and grab gun with right hand and pull it out.For me it is really fast.I would say as fast as any other carry,but I have practiced it quite a bit.It is verry good for the ultra carry.I mainly use it when I go to church on sundays when I need really deep concealment.A+ from me. sj

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    I usually leave the third button undone; you can reach in and draw quickly. Putting it back isn,t easy, but getting it out is fairly easy. Some folks sew the second button to the shirt, and velcro the shirt shut. You don't really need the velcro.
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    365 Offers a Deep Concealment Holster that's almost identical to the Kangaroo Industries Holster with a thumb strap for retention and the site says it also offers a pocket for two extra mags although I can't see it in the picture.

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    Though I dont use the Kangaroo holster, to answer the question as to how to get to it, its real simple. For some its as simple as ripping buttons, its simple, I bet your better half could rip open your shirt easily (just close your eyes as zinging buttons can hurt). For me, since I have carried in deep concealment with a t-shirt holster since 1994, I simply cut off my buttons and sew them to the outside of the shirt with buttons hidden behind them on the top three shirt buttons (not counting the top tie button). With my rig set up this way and through years of practice, I can meet my agencies time standards during qualifications having my gear stored under my a business shirt. So it is possible and practical for those of us who cannot wear our shirts untucked, and coats are not an option.

    txmntman I'm glad yours works for you and enjoy your set up.

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