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Thread: An old topic with a more specific focus

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    Some good stuff guys. I had no idea some of these things existed.

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    Well my first first tuck holster was a Galco SkyOp....did a lot of looking at the pictures on their website and figured geesh! This really is cool. I got mine in the mail, strapped that sucker on with my Kimber.....looked in the mirror (no vanity here)....holy cow, this really looks good! Then I turned and faced the god! I'm deformed.... I've got this hump back on my frickin hip!
    I guess technically it is concealed, but with that bulge, you won't fool the sharpeyes out there. I wound up later getting the least with it, the bulge is in an area that is a little more believeable!

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    5,911 put a KIMBER in a "Pager Pal?" Is your beeper from the 1970s? What do you carry in a Pager Pal?
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    Fist Gunleather

    Also has tuckable. Their prices are usually very reasonable.
    Neat Animated Graphic "borrowed" from the FIST HOLSTERS site.
    It should be OK to borrow it for a while since I'm posting a link to their web site.
    The guy needs to "work out" a little bit but, it's a neat animation.
    Visit their Gallery Of Holsters.

    Here is the link to the FIST site.
    FIST HOLSTERS Click Here
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    My unconventional solution...

    is the DeSantis Nemesis. It's designed to be a pocket holster, but I use it IWB. I had searched around for a discreet tuckable IWB, but couldn't find anything to suit my needs. Even the models using the C-clips leave too much of the retention system showing for my purposes, so I decided to forego the traditional loops, clips, straps, etc. and ended up with a mode of carry that is as close to perfect for me as anything else I have ever tried. It's best described as Mexican carry in a holster.

    The Nemesis is contructed of nylon, with an internal (plastic?) stiffener, and a pebbled rubber exterior. The stuff is VERY "sticky". Once I get the gun/holster in my sweet spot - strong side 4:00/"cup" of the buttock - it does not move. I've been carrying a CZ75A in it every day for six months now - walking, running, chores around the house, etc. - and have even experienced a couple of hard falls on the ice - but the gun/holster stayed put. What most would likely regard as an potentially unacceptable sacrifice in secure retention (which I have yet to experience) is more than made up for in versatility, convenience, comfort and effective "deep" concealment. Yes, there is a bulge where the gun is - which you are going to have with any gun of any size - but with a cell phone placed on the belt just in front of the bulge - it's nearly invisible.

    Going from standing to sitting to standing does occasionally cause the gun/holster to "shift" slightly - but a casual trouser/belt upward tug (a very natural move when standing up) easily corrects any shifting. The most significant aspect of this mode of carry is that the gun is literally secured by the trousers rather than the belt and so the weight is more evenly distributed. I actually feel more like I am "wearing" the gun than "carrying" it.

    I know most would not care for my solution - but then, personally, I could not go the Smart Carry route. We all seek our own solutions - and the Nemesis is mine.
    If you want to make God laugh - tell Him your plans. Yiddish proverb

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