HI, Just joined the forum and I've done a search here without success on Taurus PT-909 holster options. I'm not too surprised as searching the web has not turned up much (any?) help either. So, you guys repeatedly ask for details and I will try to be thorough. Here's where I'm at:
-Do NOT want onesize fits all
-Prefer leather ( cause I'm old and leathery and I wanna match my gear -btw the SS matches my head )
-IWB (probably J hooks or snaps)
-Would like option for 4 o'clock (usual) or crossdraw (for car) which means
adjustable cant is desirable BUT I will take a great 4 o'clock holster over a compromised crossdrawing one and work something else out for the car
-One-hand reholstering
-Common mode of dress is casual to business casual and yes- tuckable would be nice
-Live in Florida ( think hot, humid and occasionally sweaty)
-6 foot mesomorph build (aged athlete however, unlike wine I did not get better just older )
No thumbreak
Would like your opinions on high vs low carry IWB but either way I want to be able to grasp the grip with full hand if possible and yet I would like a backing to keep the safety and corner of slide off me
Apparently I'm the only person to buy this gun ( not true- a Google search turned up two others) and no holster manufacturers that I have seen list the 909. The 908, the 945, the 911and 940 but not the 909 and the 909 has a rail.However after alot of work I found that there is a closer match out there whose measurements are quite similar and has a rail, the Sig P229R. Will holsters for the P229R fit nicely for the 909?
Well, I hope that's complete enough and I do appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me and I hope to return the favor someday, someway.