Lesson learned: Don't Knock it till you Try it.

This is a discussion on Lesson learned: Don't Knock it till you Try it. within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I own all iwb's, prefer them. I have also owned a couple of the taurus with iwb in the past....

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Thread: Lesson learned: Don't Knock it till you Try it.

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    I own all iwb's, prefer them. I have also owned a couple of the taurus with iwb in the past.

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    Thanks to the "surplus" I aquired over the holidays I've hit the gym hard. In two weeks (possibly one as he said 5 to 6 weeks) my new IWB holster from Ranger leather is supposed to be here. But right now there hardly enough room for my surplus, never mind a 1991A1 compact.

    I'm glad your IWB works for you. I'm confident I will have the same experience.
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    Question, with the IWB holsters do you gys carry right on the side at 3:00 or farther back like 4:00?

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    Even with my "surplus" ( prefer to call it "stored rations") I carry IWB. I prefer 4:00 as I also tuck my shirt over the top so I don't have to wear a vest or coat, or I can wear a heavier one in the winter and remove it when I go inside. It also doesn't bump up against my "stored rations" as much
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    Quote Originally Posted by ront View Post
    That is great Gelicious!! I am pretty much IWB all the way. I love it. This is my EDC.


    Ron, which holster is that? I'm looking something for IWB for my 2gen P3AT.

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    IWB does offer more concealment options and yes, the holster design and how you wear it have a huge effect on how comfortable the rig is. I prefer offset loop designs and it's no secret my favorite is Gary's Max Con V. That style of holster is simply thinner and distributes the weapons weight better than a stacked loop design (i.e. Kramer vertical scabbard, Sparks Summer Special, etc) for me.

    Gregg, if you haven't tried it yet experiment with the holster's position. For me, sliding the holster back to 4:00 - 4:30 gets it off the ol' hipbone and lets the gun rest in the back's natural curvature - much easier to conceal and more comfy too!

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    Call me crazy, but I carry a Glock 27 IWB on the small of my back. It never gets uncomfortable, and I'm pretty comfortable drawing from that position. I find wearing IWB on the hip sucks pretty bad when sitting or driving.
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    Yes, "Excess" is a problem for me too! About 31 "excess" lbs. to be exact. Since I have so much "excess" I have gone to OWB with quite a bit of success. IWB really hurts right now! Solution, Diet, Diet, Diet! All of your comments are appreciated.

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