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A Very Unique Custom Holster Request and a Plea for HELP!

This is a discussion on A Very Unique Custom Holster Request and a Plea for HELP! within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Bud White Just beacuse you don't like what some one said you don't have to have a attiude with them Someone pm'ed ...

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Thread: A Very Unique Custom Holster Request and a Plea for HELP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bud White View Post
    Just beacuse you don't like what some one said you don't have to have a attiude with them

    Someone pm'ed me about this post so i took a look

    you might as well Listen to Gary what you want done exisit and no one is going to make it or else you wouldn't be asking this thread

    Face it the HK usp is not a widely supported platform as a plain jane pistol

    so if you want to carry with a light your either going to have to pack it on the hip or lose the light

    Again, I have had 3 offers since posting this thread for great holsters. I stated this in previous posts within this thread, perhaps you missed them? Gary is a great holster maker, but just because one doesnt make it, doesnt mean its a bad idea, otherwise the market for holsters would be a very limited one, many rigs are made for this setup, such as the HK with UTL, or M6, the reason this holster search is so hard isnt because I want a light, its because the TLR2 is so new, as is the adapter, that there arent many designs out yet. So no, I will not have to lose the light. I am looking for solutions and you all seem to be creating problems that dont exist. I have found solutions, thanks to my thread, but it really seems like many of the posters are just trying to find more problems rather than solutions, which may be why they dont see a reason why it could be done. I appreciate opinons, but when opinons are laid out as facts such as yours above it can dissuade someone from actually finding the solution they need, which is really a shame. I am done on this thread, I got the answers I need, but it has really started to turn me off to this forum which looks like it has promise, but perhaps has too many people simply set in their ways, determined to have others follow in their pahts, hopefully I am wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlstorm View Post
    This is the setup I have chosen and so far not a single person has made any sort of statements as to why its a bad idea, simply that its abad idea, and has made fun of me for my decisions but have offered no helpful advice.
    If I may articulate, I think there are several reasons why the setup you have chosen is less than ideal.

    Generally, any sort of gadget or gizmo attached to a personal defense firearm is one more possible point of failure. Reliability should really be the most important concern when it comes to a defensive firearm. I have a pretty high bar for any modification or addition to my carry gun: "Does the benefit provided clearly outweigh the risk of it breaking at the worst possible time?" So far, I haven't run across anything that I feel meets this test.

    As far as lasers go, they are only really useful in low light conditions. When it's bright out, most people find that it takes longer to acquire the laser dot than it does to line up iron sights. A laser can be useful in the dark, but this would force me to deal with two different aiming procedures. I feel it's much better to have one way of doing things and practice it as much as possible. There's much less chance of screwing things up that way.

    I am less skeptical of weapon mounted lights, but they do face a couple of disadvantages. Perhaps most serious is the tendency to treat a weapon with a light on it as a flashlight, rather than with the respect a firearm requires. Carrying a handheld light, as you mentioned, is definitely a good idea. However, this brings up the problem of transitioning from the handheld light to the weapon mounted light. How quickly can I do it? What do I do with the handheld light when you want both lights on your gun? In addition, they add weight and bulk to the gun, and, of course, make it more difficult to find holsters.

    As an aside, you may want to look into something other than a maglight for a handheld flashlight. I'm guessing you're talking about the mini maglight (if you are toting around one of the big ones this doesn't really apply). They're nice flashlights, but the mini's have a real disadvantage when it comes to tactical use, since they are difficult to turn on and off quickly (particularly one-handed). In a tactical situation, flashlights are better used in short bursts, so light with a momentary on-off switch is really much better. You don't have to go with a $100 Surefire to get a decent light with a momentary on-off switch (I carry a Coast Tac Torch that I bought for about $30 at Lowes). You can also get replacement end caps for maglights that have momentary on-off switches in them.

    Finally, if you want to carry a laser and/or light on a pistol, the USP may not be the best choice. I certainly don't say this out of any desire to steer you towards another gun. I use a USP Compact as my EDC and I'd gladly carry a fullsize USP as well (the fullsize does trade off a little in the concealability department, but the extra ammo capacity would be nice). The USP owner faces some real difficulties when it comes to accessories, however. Neither Lasermax nor Crimson Trace make laser sights for it, so you're pretty much limited to clamping something to the accessory rail. Unfortunately, the USP's proprietary rail system means you either have to choose from the rather limited number of accessories made for it (which are generally quite expensive and don't use the latest technology) or go with an adapter (as you've done) which adds weight and bulk to the gun and further complicates the process of finding things like holsters (bringing us back to the original point of this thread). Hopefully the Picatinny rail on the HK45 and P3000 will make it easier to get both the reliability of an HK and a wider range of accessories.

    Overall, I think that K.I.S.S. should be the guiding principle when selecting and accessorizing a firearm for personal defense. Both lasers and lights add complexity not only to the weapon, but also to the procedures for using it. As Einstien said, "Everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler."

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    I read your original email request (I was one of the original recipients) and I have also read your reasoning and counter responses on this thread. I understand, you are a big boy and capable of making your own choices and I haven't any problem with anything you have said, or your quest for the holster you feel you may need.

    Having said that, I was one of the ones to reply to your email that I wouldn't be interested in building you the holster. Not that I didn't think you should have such a holster, I just didn't know who else to refer you to for the task. No matter, there are lots of different modes of carry that I will not provide holsters for and it doesn't have anything to do with my worrying that someone will get themselves killed carrying that way. Stupidity, awareness (or lack thereof) and lack of training may get you killed, but no holster I'm aware of will kill you as inanimate objects by themselves don't kill anybody (Well, ok, except for maybe one particular holster that I'm aware of, but that's a subject for a whole different topic altogether) .

    I make and offer to my customers only what either myself, or one of my crew will use and that is what allows me to stand behind the product. Personally, I don't find myself out and about after darkness that much anyway and I don't see the logistics or the wisdom in saddling myself down with a light mounted on a gun, whilst going about my business in broad daylight! Yes there is the possibilty of having the power go out in a dark building and the need to find my way out, but that wouldn't be an appropriate use for a weapon light anyway. A handheld or keychain light would fill that bill just fine. Just can't get that excited about building a leather container to tote something I would never use myself. I've taken several low-light classes over years with both Clint Smith, at Thunder Ranch and another with Hershal Davis, that I feel that just about any low-light scenario can be handled competantly with nothing more than a handheld and whatever personal sidearm you care to deploy it with.

    As far as lasers on guns?? With my old eyes and accompaning fuzzy sight pictures, my opinion on lasers as nothing more than gimicks has changed. The last thing I want to be doing in the middle of the night if I have to scramble for my gun is to be scrambling to put my glasses on my face too! For that reason, a Springfield OP with Streamlight M6 sits on my nightstand everynight, but it will never find it's way in a holster. The light part that is.

    I'm really glad that there are other makers out there that feel differently about certain modes of carry than I do. It makes it a lot easier to say no when there are others willing to take on the project.

    Good luck!
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." ~Ernest Hemingway

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    Since you are done on this thread it is done

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