how many carry a double mag holder

This is a discussion on how many carry a double mag holder within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been thinking about getting a double mag holder and would like to know if the people like a double mag holder over the ...

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Thread: how many carry a double mag holder

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    how many carry a double mag holder

    I have been thinking about getting a double mag holder and would like to know if the people like a double mag holder over the single mag holder.
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    There are three double mag holders I use with frequency.

    A Rosen 5DM, a Rafter S double mag and a Safariland 079. The Rosen and Rafter S conceal very well and the Safariland isnt bad. There are others out there that make awsome rigs but these three simply work for me so well I just keep using them.
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    double mag holder for me, atleast for my 1911 mags.
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    I use either an Alessi double mag pouch, Sparks double mag pouch or a Alessi combo mag pouch/light carrier!

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    I usually just use a Fobus paddle double mag holder for my 1911 mags. Works just fine, especially during the colder months.
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    Not for all my weapons but at least two of them I carry a double mag holder.

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    I carry two extra mags for my USP Compact .45 in a Comp-Tac double mag holder.
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    I Only Have One Double Mag Holder...

    I can use it for either of my two Kimbers. I purchased it for the intention of some competitive shooting...which I haven't had time to start into...I have never used it for EDC...only my single mag holder!

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    I carry two extra mags.

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    I carry 1911's so I also carry a double mag pouch as well for capacity if I'd ever would need it. It's not much more than carrying two so why not? Rhome sent me one a while back that is my favorite to use now, very comfy and doesn't poke at ya when sitting which is a plus.

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    I have yet to find a double stack that is completely comfortable, though I will carry a double stack in the less desirable places I travel. Crossbreed may be redesigning it's DS, if so, I'll be giving it a try.

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    I have tried with double stack mags, and always have found it uncomfortable. I usually end up stashing an extra mag in an inside the coat pocket. I have to say the desire for carrying two mags has made me jealous of the 1911 guys with their thinner mags. In comparison I have as much or more ammo with one mag in the gun and one spare than they have with one in the gun and two spares, so I can't complain too much.
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    I do. I carry a double mag holder for the Sig P239 and the PT-111 when I carry it.

    I know the odds of even needing to reload once are pretty slim in a typical gunfight situation but, I carry the double reload for the same reason I carry the gun in the first place. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

    I have 5 kids to protect, why wouldn't I carry one more magazine?
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