Craftsmen...Why Did You Start?

Craftsmen...Why Did You Start?

This is a discussion on Craftsmen...Why Did You Start? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Please forgive me if this question is inappropriate, but I just read a post by Mark Garrity that spoke briefly as to why some holster ...

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Thread: Craftsmen...Why Did You Start?

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    Craftsmen...Why Did You Start?

    Please forgive me if this question is inappropriate, but I just read a post by Mark Garrity that spoke briefly as to why some holster makers got started in their trade.

    It got me thinking about all the excellent craftsmen we have on this site and their reasons for creating some of the world's most esteemed holsters.

    If it's appropriate to ask, I would like to hear from you guys about your reasons for getting started in the holster business and your impressions thus far.

    Thank you in advance for your continued time and support with newbies like me.


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    Amateur here, but
    1. I like to do things myself
    2. kydex holsters I priced were really expensive or really cheap(fobus)
    3. I wanted to have a holster specifically molded to me.
    4. LH people have limited or long waits for holsters sometimes
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    I am a real amateur also. Being a Dutchman, I started because I thought I could save money. I now however have enough invested in tools and leather that I probably could have bought at least a couple custom holster instead. However I find that I like working with my hands and experimenting with different styles. They don't all work but I did make a pocket holster for my Kel tec P 11 that I would put up against anything I could buy.

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    For me, it was:

    1. Not having alot of choices for the model of pistol I carry.
    2. The long wait for a custom leather holster.
    3. I like to work with my hands.
    4. It keeps me out of the bars.

    My impressions so far are:

    1. I now know why the models of pistols available are limited.
    2. I now know why the wait for a custom holster is so long.
    3. My hands don't like working with me sometimes.
    4. Having the bar next to my work bench tends to help the creative process.

    I do this part time as I have a regular job and it provides a great balance between work and family. It also gives me an excuse to buy more tools.
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    Temporary Insanity :shrug:

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    That's nice, Gary!
    Well, as I probably stated in that other post, for me it was a matter of having a few oddball guns in my collection that I could not find adequate holsters for ( in particular a Bren Ten and HK P9S).
    I contacted a few other custom makers at the time and none of them had mold guns either; or quoted a high enough price for me sending my gun that it turned me away. I was an art major prior to getting into LE (illustration, painting, etc) and had done some sculpture in art school as well, so I figured let's give this holster thing a try.
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    Thanks for all of the responses, guys! It's nice to know some of the backgrounds of truly talented people.

    Gary...I happen to know a great therapist! Ha


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