Garrett Industries VP9 holster fit

Garrett Industries VP9 holster fit

This is a discussion on Garrett Industries VP9 holster fit within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well, I got my Silent Thunder IWB from Garrett maybe six weeks ago but didn't have the gun to put in it til a few ...

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Thread: Garrett Industries VP9 holster fit

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    Garrett Industries VP9 holster fit

    Well, I got my Silent Thunder IWB from Garrett maybe six weeks ago but didn't have the gun to put in it til a few hours ago! I'm not really thrilled with the fit now that I try it. This is maybe my 10th holster from them and all of them have been great, at least til now. To anyone out there with a Garrett holster for the VP9 how is the fit? I feel that mine is way too tight. To get the fit how I like it I have to back the screws out to the point where they're about to fall out of the hole. And even then it's a bit snugger than I prefer and binds a bit when I holster or draw. To my eye the area around the sight channel is too small, the holster seems like a hardshell taco with too much filling in it.

    Before I talk to Ron I figured I'd see if this is an anomaly or just the way this particular gun fits. Again, I have Garrett IWBs for my P30S, USPf9, USPc, Ruger LCR and Beretta Nano along with a couple more of their OWB rigs. So I'm very familiar with their construction and how they normally fit. They don't really 'break in' very much, either...a little bit but not a lot.

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    Is it sticky? I know that my holsters from Garrett felt sticky when brand new. After some time the stickiness went away.

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    I have 3 of them and the one foe my 1911 CCO seems more snug than the others. I have the screws backed all the way out. I have been thinking about contacting them for advice, but haven't got around to it.

    I was thinking about taking the screws out and cranking it open while applying a little heat to the sight channel. But I am not sure where exactly the resistance is coming from.

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    I've had a couple of Silent Thunders IWBs that were a bit tight when I first got them. I typically holster the gun and crank the retention screws down a bit and let it sit overnight. After that I loosen it up and draw/reholster a bunch of times. I've never had one that I had to send back or alter to make work. I don't own a VP9 though.


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