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Vehicle Carry

This is a discussion on Vehicle Carry within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am looking for a way to keep a gun handy in the vehicle while I am driving. I am not looking for a safe. ...

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Thread: Vehicle Carry

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    Question Vehicle Carry

    I am looking for a way to keep a gun handy in the vehicle while I am driving. I am not looking for a safe. I want something that is more comfortable than being seated with an IWB holster.

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    I use the ACE Car Holster from Smartcarry. It is a velcro holster with a velcro pad placed on the car. You can also get extra velcro pads for the other cars or in your house.

    It works very well for me.

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    When I wear my Sig Tac vest, I'll have my XD 45 on my hip, and my Glock 26 in the left side pocket inside (in a Nemesis pocket holster). I can draw the Glock easily in a car, the same can't be said of my XD 45 in an IWB holster.

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    Fobus paddle holster (paddle removed) bolted in.

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    Thumbs up Best use of a Fobus yet

    Dude that is the best use of a Fobus holster yet. I like it alot.Keep the registration and Insurance in glove box and the cops would never know.Unless they had probable cause ..............nough said

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    Car Jacker Crossdraw from
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    For me being lefthanded in shooting it poses an issue. What I do when in my vehicle is put it in a spare nylon holster and put it between my seat and center console. It's pretty secure there, and I can get to it quick if need be.

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    Amazing...I did the same thing with a Fobus about six months ago. It works great in my console. I usually put my G19 or G26 in it to be more comfortable driving or if I have to go in a building where I can't legally carry. I thought I invented it!
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    Funny you should ask. Just this evening I was trying to figure out how I was going to carry on long trips. My XD-45 in my Uncle Mike's IWB holster at 5:30 is OK for a few hours--I've gone up to three hours straight with it on, and over six hours in a single day--but it does start to dig into my back after a while plus it is hard to draw from that position.

    I dug out the shoulder holster I bought in Sarajevo (when I was carrying a Beretta M9) and my Springfield M1911 fits in it pretty well, so for those long trips I plan to have it in addition to my XD (you can never be too prepared). I can easily draw from it if someone comes up to the car.

    The only thing is I need to have a jacket or something on while I am wearing it, otherwise it is way too obvious!

    Cheers! M2
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    You might want to take a look at Mark Garrity's C&D Crossdraw holster at the bottom of this page.

    Here is my review of mine.

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    One of the best holsters for in a vehicle, shoulder holster, or a cross draw IMHO.

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