I like the Campco's Ranger's Vest actually. The hood would be handy. I ordered one. I've always wanted a vest like that even before I cared about concealment, so now I have an excuse.

I have found that the printing seems to dissappear when I wear a sweatshirt over it, so maybe the vest will accomplish the same thing. Now if I wear the gun OWB, you can clearly see its outline. The only thing that gets me when I tuck in IWB is the butt of the pistol is clearly discernible unless I have a large, loose cover on it that masks the distinctive impression it leaves.

I think wearing a vest with the zipper open will create a "drapery" effect that might do the trick.

This might not work, and my full size gun isn't going to be my always gun, but I want to see if I can at least have this option.