Leather OWB holster

Leather OWB holster

This is a discussion on Leather OWB holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok i'm looking for a good holster for my G30. I know some of the custom holster makers can take months to make a holster ...

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Thread: Leather OWB holster

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    Leather OWB holster

    Ok i'm looking for a good holster for my G30. I know some of the custom holster makers can take months to make a holster and at times can be a little pricey because of all the hand crafted art that goes into them. Is there a holster maker out there who makes a good quality holster without breaking the bank and taking months to get? Thanks.

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    I have used leather holsters made by Masters. They are sold by JBP holsters. Quality holsters at a reasonable price. Good luck.
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    I can't imagine Nelson Holsters doesn't make one for a G30
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    UBG Holsters. Nate does Excellent work and does not charge a fortune. I have 3 of his holsters and his work is top notch! Also his turn-around time is not unreasonable. I recently checked for a 4th and he told me about 5 weeks.

    UBG Holsters
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    Quote Originally Posted by OhioCatter View Post
    ... a good quality holster without breaking the bank and taking months to get?
    Fist Holsters make a decent one. Good value, fairly effective designs, options for customizing such as selected cant (in degrees), reinforcement around the mouth, etc. Lots to choose from. And they typically don't take more than a few weeks to get you what you've ordered. Order one of the popular ones without adornments or changes, and you're likely to get it in a week or two.

    I've got many of their holsters and like them.

    Nelson Holsters might be another to consider. They've resurrected some of the KD Holsters line. A good value, too, and not a huge wait time.
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    Galco Gun Leather, DeSantis, Safariland, Bianco and the list goes on. You can either Google for holsters for your weapon. Cop Plus.com also carries most of these brands at reasonable prices. Wish you luck, there is a bunch of styles to chose from.

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    Santis also makes good production leather with double stiching, etc. They can be bought through Amazon too at very reasonable prices.

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    Not sure exactly what "breaking the bank" might be. I've never paid over $85 for a quality holster. Check Mitch Rosen upper limit express line. For OWB holsters for the G30 and best price for decent quality, I carried mine in a Don Hume JIT slide for several years. Readily available and won't break the bank. Minimalist holster that works fine.
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    FWIW, if I were going to buy a leather holster here's who would be making it.
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    Check Ebay. You will find hundreds available.
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    See post #5...

    I second the Fist holsters, I have dozens of them. Fairly priced quality holsters delivered in 4 - 6 weeks.
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    I have two leather holsters that great quality and around 40 bucks. I have a Pro Carry HD single clip IWB from The Holster Store and a OWB from Winthrop Holsters.

    Here are pics of the two holsters. The the IWB from The Holster Store is really thick great leather. The OWB from Winthrop Holsters is just slightly thinner leather, but still very nice.

    I have 3 other holsters, including two double clip hybrids, but for my little CM40, I prefer these two over all my others. I wear mine all day for 12-14 hours a day including a ton of driving and crawling under desks.
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    Though I haven' used one, a buddy of mine has the Predator. It's a quality holster for the money...IMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinRohrer View Post
    Check Ebay. You will find hundreds available.
    Yep. And I have sold out my entire holster drawer on ebay except what I normally use.
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    Give CME Holsters a try. They aren't too expensive and don't take too long to ship.

    If you look at the Super Duper Snubby thread, you can see my latest one on page 108.
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