M&P 45 Holster Recommendations

M&P 45 Holster Recommendations

This is a discussion on M&P 45 Holster Recommendations within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Wow, there are lots of holster manufacturers out there.... That said, I have a "mid-size" M&P 45 - SKU 109307 - that means that it ...

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Thread: M&P 45 Holster Recommendations

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    M&P 45 Holster Recommendations

    Wow, there are lots of holster manufacturers out there.... That said, I have a "mid-size" M&P 45 - SKU 109307 - that means that it has the barrel/slide assembly of a compact M&P 45, but it's on a full-size frame. My guess is that any holster I buy should be for an M&P 45 compact.

    I'm looking for a belt holster, outside the waistband with a bit of a forward cant - I'll likely wear it somewhere in the 3:00-5:00 position. I'd prefer leather.

    I've read that people don't like thumb breaks - but as this is for open/under-jacket carry, I'd really like to ensure that it's secure, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on thumb-breaks or other retention methods.... I understand that a good holster should securely hold the firearm anyway.

    Initially, I was looking at the Desantis thumb break holster.

    Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

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    Check out the leather Dave Spaulding holster by FIST.
    Mine's in kydex, but FIST makes many both ways.
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    If I was getting a retention holster, I'd go with a Safariland ALS.
    Model 6377 ALS® Concealment Belt Loop Holster - The Safariland Group

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    Open carry w/ no cover garment, a retention device may make you feel better. I don't honestly know if it's necessary. The "thumb strap" would work as well as most retention devices unless you feel the need to copy LE gear. I seldom completely open carry in public so I have no idea what is absolutely necessary to do so. Many OWB holsters to have at least a minimal amount of cant built into them. I have yet to find a OWB holster that will draw comfortably when worn from 3 to 5 in each location. For me, 5 requires more cant than 3 does.

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