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Hate To Ask But........ I need a holster

This is a discussion on Hate To Ask But........ I need a holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Try Fist...great holsters...always 3-5 weeks... I have 2 doz+ now...good stuff! OMO Stay armed...stay safe! ret...

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Thread: Hate To Ask But........ I need a holster

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    See Holster Sources...(above)

    Try Fist...great holsters...always 3-5 weeks...

    I have 2 doz+ now...good stuff!


    Stay armed...stay safe!

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    try tht site. i just ran into it and i hope tht will help. cheap and i am pretty sure he will ship fast. good luck
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    If you want a GREAT holster, QUICKLY. Try UBGholsters.com or BlackHillsleather.com. You'll have it in less than a month and it will not be junk you just toss in a drawer later.

    I love the Mc D from Andrews, but it was long wait ( July to December ) Defender from KD is a good holster two, but also expect to wait.
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    The only over the counter leather I really like is Don Humme. If I couldn't find something in his inventory that I thought would fit my needs, I would order a kydex holster from one of the better brands (Comp-Tac or Blade-Tech) and get by with that until my custom holster arrived.

    Of course, I am lucky in that my prefered maker (UBG) is still able to turn things around pretty quickly.
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    Don Humme JIT, you just cant be it for the price. $20.00. I use the JIT with Glocks and Kimbers, and can carry all day very comfotable.

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    +1 on Comp-Tac

    Got it in about 1 week. Bought it for IDPA - not sure how well it would work for CCW

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    I have carried a Glock 23 for 11 years and the best holster I have found is the Bianchi Carry Loc, series 82. I don't care for IWB, just not comfortable. I like a high rise pancake and this is by far the best I have used. Before you forget it because it is a retention holster, let me say I hate thumb breaks and retention holsters in general, however the release lever on this holster is so perfectly placed that your finger depresses it as part of a normal draw. I practiced with the store display unit for 30 min before I laid out the cash, if my draw was slowed in anyway it would go back to the store. This one is a keeper!!! Just wish they made one for my P232.
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    Give Sam Andrews a call. Get yourself another custom holster without a long wait. http://www.andrewsleather.com/

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    Freetrapper, if you are looking for a non custom holster, I can vouch for the Galco Concealable. I'm using one as an interim until my Brigade Gunleather holster comes in. Frankly, I am really surprised at how well the Galco is working for me. I use it with a Sig 229, and have found that with as thick as the Sig is, I'm able to wear it under a light sweater without too much worry of printing. It took all of four days from ordering for the holster to arrive.

    As far as Andrews custom leather is concerned, I have two of Sam Andrew's holsters -- one is a hybrid saddle with thumb break for my Govt Model Series 70, it works like a champ. The other is a hybrid saddle without thumb break for my Sig 220...again, the quality is simply AWESOME. The only drawback is that the holster for my Sig took about 4 months, however, I knew before hand it was going to take awhile. You can't go wrong with Andrews Custom Leather.
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    I went ahead and ordered a Don Hume last Friday. They assured me it would ship today or tomorrow and should be here yet this week. They had a lefty in stock for a reasonable price. I hope it works out for me.

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    I'm in the same boat with my BHP and waiting for my holster to be made. In the mean time I purchased a Don Hume ITP to tide me over till my custom holster arrives.
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