Which Galco holster is better?

Which Galco holster is better?

This is a discussion on Which Galco holster is better? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone have any experience with either of these holsters. It is for a fullsize 5inch 1911? I cannot decide on which one to get. ...

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Thread: Which Galco holster is better?

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    Which Galco holster is better?

    Does anyone have any experience with either of these holsters. It is for a fullsize 5inch 1911? I cannot decide on which one to get. I need a little feed back thanks.



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    it seems to be the consensus around here that galco sucks, and you're better off getting something quality and custom for a little bit more money. usually the price difference is only 20 bucks or so, and the difference is huge.

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    it seems to be the consensus around here that galco sucks, and you're better off getting something quality and custom for a little bit more money
    I wouldn't say the consensus is that Galco sucks. There are some people on this board who are extremely happy with Galco products. And some of their products, like the Miami Classic shoulder rig are thought of rather highly.

    However, for the cost of either of those you could get a custom hand made holster for your pistol, and that would probably be a better choice. I would not pay over 100 dollars for a mass produced holster when I can get a quality hand made one for less.
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    I definitely wouldn't agree that Galco sucks. I would agree that any of the custom makers associated with this site make a better product. However, I have a Galco concealable belt holster (owb) that I have been carrying almost everyday for the last two years. It has served me very well and I would buy Galco again.

    The problem I have with custom holsters is that it takes up to 12 weeks (somtimes longer) to get your holster. I don't tend to be very patient and usually end up purchasing an interim holster until my custom one makes its way to me. Which was my thought with the Galco for my HK. The holster worked so well though I didn't see any reason to order a custom.
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    I have several Galco holsters that are quite good....not as good as a custom leather rig, but good nonetheless....certainly "good enough for gov't work."

    In other words...they don't "suck."

    I'd pick the Royal Guard.
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    Ill give you an honest recommendation and explain why........

    Both of the Galco holsters you linked are gonna carry the gun in an identical fashion.....You wont know the difference. They are both a stacked loop design....or, the belt loops are right over the gun.
    This makes it thicker than it really has to be and not very stable as the loops are very close togethor.

    Now...Look at an offset loop design. Or one with the loops to the outside of the holster. I believe youll find they dont look sleak and sexy like the Summer Special type holster does...and in fact look massive in comparison...at a quick glance.

    What you dont see is how bloody thin they are, how they keep the holster much more stable and because they are wider..they actually flex to you and make them that much more comfortable.

    Look at Garrity's Incognito, Brommenlands Max Con series and any other great maker on this site....

    The summer special is a classic design....but for comfortable IWB carry for a 5" 1911...I just dont think its the greatest choice.

    Hell, I make this style of holster...its called the Pro. Im not recommending it however in your application. Out of the two..I like the Royal Guard.....for what its worth

    Shoot well and god bless
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    I'm nowhere near as knowledgable as Mr. Larsen (Or any of the custom holster makers for that matter), but a 5" 1911 is a large & heavy gun. You're going to want something more stable, like an offset loop design, & thinner because you're already packing a large gun.

    However, if you're definitely going with one of the holsters you listed, I believe the Royal Guard's a better choice.
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    For a mass produced product Galco holsters are OK. Some of their products are better than others. The Summer Comfort is more comfortable to carry with then the Royal Guard (calf vs. horsehide.) The main drawback of the Galco IWB is the lack of a sweat guard (shirt protector) and the size of the loops. Both holsters come with 1.75" loops which are fine if you are wearing a 1 3/4" belt. Accessory loops can be ordered from Galco for the Royal Guard allowing fits to smaller belt widths.

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    I'm another that doesn't subscribe to the blanket statement that "Galco sucks". I own a Galco concealable OWB holster that I bought as an interim, until the custom holster I ordered for my Sig 229 arrives. The Galco is a decent holster for everyday wear, it holds my pistol securely and just as important, holds the pistol tight in to my body, offering good concealment even under a light sweater.

    Comparing Galco, a mass produced product, to any of the custom made holsters is not a fair comparison. The quality of the custom holsters is much better. However, as I have to wait approximately 4 months for a custom holster (I am willing to do that) and I didn't want to utilize Kydex all that time, I will utilize a Galco holster.
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    I use a Galco Royal Guard for my FS Taurus 1911 (41 oz.) it does a fine job, and I wear it daily...

    I would prefer a sweat guard, my Galco was a gift, it gets the job done, and until I decide what to order and from whom to order it.... I will continue to use it...

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    I have a Royal Guard for my Browning Hi-Power, and it works well for concealment...
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    I do not have experience with the holsters you are interested in. I use GALCO products and just wanted to say I am not of the opinion that "GALCO sucks."

    BTW I think the only difference between the two is that the Royal Guard is made of horsehide.
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    I have carried a 5 inch 1911 in a Royal Guard for over 15 years. The only problem I had is one of the snaps came unscrewed and I lost it, I replaced the snap and the holster continued to function. I seem to be one of the few people in the world who doesn't have a box of discarded holsters. I am satisfied with Galco, I of course paid less when I bought mine, at that time it was half the price of a custom, and was available off the shelf in gun stores.

    There are a lot of nice holsters out there, If you need one right now and it is on the shelf in a gunstore, galco will serve you well. If you have to order it, then go with a custom.

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    I also dont subscribe to all Galco suck. they make a fine product for off the shelf holsters i have a royal guard for my Taurus 1911 and it works great, it is the only mass produced holster i have, all my other holsters are Kramer horsehide's
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    I Guess I Just Don't Appreciate Galco...

    I would look to Fist, Inc...or several of the quality holster makers on this forum...I've seen some nice products...

    You get what you pay for...


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