Storage advice

Storage advice

This is a discussion on Storage advice within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just got back from the range to test-fire my latest purchases - HK UPS Compact in .40 and Sig 228. Loved both guns and ...

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Thread: Storage advice

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    Storage advice

    I just got back from the range to test-fire my latest purchases - HK UPS Compact in .40 and Sig 228. Loved both guns and they performed flawlessly; the Sig is in line to replace my Kel-Tec P-11 as my EDC.

    Here is my question. I want to store weapons around the house so one is always accessible. What is the best combination of protection (of the firearm) and ease of draw/use? I think they will all be in a wood cabinet/nightstand so will humidity be an issue? I have heard that leather is not optimal but I'm not sure why.

    No kids live in the house so little hands are not a concern 99% of the time. When they visit guns will be moved out of reach.

    This isn't exactly a carry topic, but I didn't see a better category.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    A lot of people around here are in the "Keep it on my hip until I go to sleep" mentality, myself included. That is about as quick and easy as you are going to get.

    If humidity is an issue get some dissecant (sp?) packs and place them in the area around your firearms where you are storing them, they help.

    Edit: Personally I don't like to have any loaded firearms in the house not under my personal control. A loaded 12 gauge is usually within an arms reach and a pistol ony my person, everything else is unloaded and has some sort of lock on it. The last thing you need is to be shot by your own firearm because some BG found it while you were otherwise occupied.
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    Your humidity is probably similar to mine. I don't worry about my guns staying in new condition as much as some, I clean them, carry them and use them, all these things make them show signs of age.
    You do want to avoid rust, I guess that's what you're referring to. Well the good news is you have a Sig and a HK, the finishes are good. But still keep an eye on them and give them a daily rub with something like a silicon impregnated cloth.
    As for hiding, remember to keep the hidden gun accessible, it needs to be drawn quickly when needed.
    For bedside use there are a few holsters that strap to the boxspring, that's a good idea.
    Leather can retain moisture and pass that on to the gun, especially if the leather got moist when you wore it.

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