so i saw the thread last week and wanted a shoulder rig for my new glock 23, i was not ready to drop $200 on a leather rig, sure as heck did not want to get a $29 uncle mikes either. so i ordered the high noon. it came in the mail today and as soon as i got it out of the box i was impressed with the initial quality, the leather type material was better than expected. the hardware is well made, after some adjusting and a few hours i forget its on, i like the way it balances the weight off my shoulders, can conceal it with a button up shirt or loose polo shirt easy without printing, a light vest or jacket is great for even deeper cover. i think this may be my personal solution to carrying, i find IWB and OTW to get very uncomfortable while driving due to my larger build and the seat and center console pushes the gun into my side. i am going on a road trip this weekend and will give a good tryout. i must say its great buy overall.