Milt Sparks SS-2..... How do I "loosen" it up a bit?

Milt Sparks SS-2..... How do I "loosen" it up a bit?

This is a discussion on Milt Sparks SS-2..... How do I "loosen" it up a bit? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just received a new SS-2 for my wife's Kahr MK9. The thing is beautiful and fits the gun perfectly.... almost too perfectly. I couldn't ...

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Thread: Milt Sparks SS-2..... How do I "loosen" it up a bit?

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    Milt Sparks SS-2..... How do I "loosen" it up a bit?

    I just received a new SS-2 for my wife's Kahr MK9. The thing is beautiful and fits the gun perfectly.... almost too perfectly. I couldn't get the snaps into place on her belt because they were a little too tight but I finally got them on there and have left them snapped for the last few days with the holster on the belt to try and stretch them out and settle them a bit. The gun will sit in the holster all the way and the fit is excellent but it's so tight right now that she has a difficult time drawing it from the holster. I know it will eventually break in real nice but I was wondering if anyone had some tips for me that may speed up the process a bit.

    If anyone has any ideas or tricks they used on their nice new leather holsters, please let me know so she can start using it. Thanks!
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    Put the gun in a plastic bag, like you get from a "Stop and Rob" and place gun in holster.

    The added thickness of the plastic will loosen the holster a bit. Leave the gun in the holster for a couple of hours and then remove the bag and reholster. You should be good to go.


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    I think I remember the Sparks web site actually recommending using the plastic bag the holster shipped in to wrap around your pistol, other than that what BikerRN said above.

    I haven't seen ANY of the holster makers recommend any kind "chemical" addition though, so it's JUST the plastic bag!

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    Tightness in a new holster is not uncommon and is much preferable to the alternative. If the draw is a little stiff at first, it is recommended that you work with it to see if it doesn't loosen up with a bit of use. About 25 to 50 presentations should be a good indicator of whether the holster will break in sufficiently on its own or if maybe a little blocking out of the leather is in order. There are many variables as to why a holster would be excessively tight ranging from the texture of your guns finish, to slight changes in climate or humidity from where the holster is made. Regardless of the reason, a too tight holster can easily be remedied by the end user with a method we have been recommending to customers for over 20 years.

    To block out (stretch) your new holster first UNLOAD your pistol or revolver and place the gun into the 4 mil plastic bag that your new holster was packaged in. Then carefully insert the bagged gun all the way into the holster (do not! I repeat, do not!! wet or spray the holster with any solution to aid in the stretching process). The blocking out process as described above will in no way harm the crisp detailed molding of your new holster, nor will it ruin its retention qualities. It serves simply to stretch the leather a few thousands of an inch larger than the gun. The amount of stretching time needed for satisfactory results range from a just a few minutes to overnight. Any clarifications or concerns on the above, or if you would rather we talk you through the process, then please call us.
    Straight from the Milt Sparks webpage FAQ section.
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    Mitch Rosen's leather lightning has worked well for me

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    Just put the pistol in a plastic bag and insert it in the holster for a few hours or over night. That has worked for me on many new holsters.

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    I've used the plastic bag method and it worked okay but when I tried wrapping the gun in wax paper like Gary B. recommends I was pleasantly surprised. The wax sort of lubes the inside of the holster so it's easier to remove the gun, it's easier to use multiple layers and the break-in period is quicker than with plastic bags (like 5 to 6 hours vs. 2 to 3 days). Both methods work so there's a choice you can make. With the wax paper on my Mil-Spec/MCV I used three layers for break-in, for the mag pouch I used four (maybe five) so it'd fit a bit more loosely for offhand draw.

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    Yup! Put it in the plastic bag the holster came in and put it in the holster! Has worked just fine for me with several Milt Sparks holsters!
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    Well, all I will tell you as a maker is do what is recommended on THEIR website and instructions. Each maker has there own take on it ......

    Personally, I love the wax paper and thats what I pass onto MY clientel.

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