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Thread: Summer carry

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    Jean shorts for me also

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    I'll throw another vote in for the 5.11 Academy Shorts... they fit and wear great. I can even wear my VersaMax-II holster with my G-23 without any problems

    Now about my white legs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by briansmech View Post

    you'll find some great cargo shorts here, and the pricing and customer service are terrific
    Thanks for the link...
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    Just plain old cargo shorts from wally world.
    The white legs help conceal the 23.
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    Thanks for all the advise. I do spend the summer at Table Rock Lake and shorts is a must. Steve48

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    I like Carhart shorts. The pockets are nice and deep.
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    For the summer, in my case it is more about what gun to carry rather than what to wear. I carry a S&W 638 year around as a BUG because it is so easily concealed. In the summer here it can reach upper 90's with matching humidity. The 638 can either be worn IWB at 1 o'clock or most of the time in a pocket. It is also aptly suited to be carried in cotton workout shorts with a tank top.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    5.11 has both Tatical shorts and Academy shorts...
    I have about 8 pair of the Academy shorts...still lots of pockets (like the Tatical), but a shorter inseam for more mobility...I wear them year-round...

    +1 what retsupt99 said. I also wear and swear by 5.11 gear. Love it. I also have some Fieldmaster cargo shorts that are very good but not quite 5.11 quality.

    Thankfully, when it gets hot here in West Tennessee, and it does get pretty darn hot and humid, I don't have to worry about concealing my gun as open carry is legal and widely accepted by the sheeple. So, no cover garment!

    For comfort I pretty much love in shorts in summer (no comments swifty!).
    Dang Chris! We don't need to know what you love in!

    Just kidding.....
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    I'm a cheapskate and just buy Cargo Shorts at Sam's Club.

    So far I've managed to hide, not at the same time, a Glock 19, Glock 36, S&W 442, Kahr PM9 and a S&W 22-4 while wearing Cargo Shorts. The 22-4 is an N-Frame 45 acp Revolver and has been relegated to 24/7 carry when not at work. With a good belt and the proper shirt to cover it, no problemo. By the way, the holsters are all IWB.

    I don't buy "Tactical" clothing per se, just wear what I normally wear. I guess what I normally wear could be seen as "Tactical" but it's not branded as such. My normal mode of dress is suit or shirt/tie during the week, and jeans, cargo pants, or cargo shorts on my own time.

    BTW, when I grow up I want to be a real man and wear shorts.


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    Dang Chris! We don't need to know what you love in!
    Bwhaha - caught me Mike LOL. Darned typo's - so often that proximity of ''o'' and ''i'' on the keyboard makes for trouble Now my secret is out

    BTW, when I grow up I want to be a real man and wear shorts.
    Patience dude - you'll get there It's called the stage/age, where you could not care a darn about what folks think - comes with thicker skin and ability to more freqently flip the mental bird!
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    Wow, I wish I could remember...

    I only recently saw a GREAT way to CCW almost ANY pistol with shorts (but I can't remember where!). Some outfit builds a holster that locates your pistol RIGHT behind the cargo pocket, slightly down on your thigh. You cut access slots (they provide the template) inside the back of the cargo pocket for VERY fast, easy access to your pistol. They also have a mag pouch set up for the other side. The video demo had a guy with a G17 and 2 G18 mags totally hidden that was drawn & fired double FAST. The system works with ladies skirts as well but you get a great thigh flash!

    I'll see if I can find it...(not the thigh flash, the HOLSTER!).
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    I FOUND it!

    Look up "Tactical Carry Company, LLC". If you don't want to wear Cargo Shorts, wear regular shorts with legs baggy enough for pistol access. Or, snip the outside seam away and replace with Velcro on your gun side. Either way, it's a VERY covert carry.
    There are only TWO kinds of people in this world; those who describe the world as filled with two kinds of people...and those who don't.

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    An IWB holster and mag pouch can be worn with just about any shorts that have belt loops, using just a tee shirt for a cover garment.

    When I lived in Florida, my daily work clothes were: cargo shorts, tee shirt and hiking boots. Underneath the tee was either a 5" 1911 or a Glock 17 riding in a Max-Con V, and a mag pouch on the weak side.

    So long as you use a good IWB design, and make sure that your tee shirt is not skin tight (and preferable a dark color) you're good to go with most small to mid sized handguns. You will not be able to pack around a Beretta, Sig or USP quite as easily due to their size, but with a 1911, Glock, Kahr, XD or similar sized firearm, you'll be fine. A proper belt is also a "must" to achieve the maximum level of concealment out of your holster. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtbiker View Post
    Capri for men, Oh boy that would go over great around here. I guess I need to get out more!
    Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not."

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