Blackhawk SERPA holsters

Blackhawk SERPA holsters

This is a discussion on Blackhawk SERPA holsters within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have had these holsters suggested to me by a few people as I am an open carry guy in the summer here in Arlington ...

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Thread: Blackhawk SERPA holsters

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    Blackhawk SERPA holsters

    I have had these holsters suggested to me by a few people as I am an open carry guy in the summer here in Arlington Tennessee.

    I have seen them at the gun store I shop at but never really thought of buying one but now, I am considering it. So I'd like to hear from anyone who has one.

    I am interested in the BlackHawk CQC SERPA Holster

    So let the opinions fly boys. Let me hear them.
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    I have one of these for my 4" XD .45, and am very happy with it. Very positive retention, but easy release when drawing. Let me know if you have any particular questions.
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    Blackhawk SERPA

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    I have no personal experience with them, but I know some folks who carry professionally that like them. I think they are better suited to open/duty carry then concealed, though I say again that I have no experience with them.

    From what users have told me, they are good and secure, but easy to draw once you learn the technique. It isn't too steep of a learning curve, according to them, because you use the index finger which should already be straight and "indexed" along the side of the holster in anticipation of the presentation.
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    My Favorite Holster

    I've got one for my G19 and REALLY like it. The holster comes with both paddle & belt platforms so you can chose which best suits the situation. Notice how high the pistol rides in relation to the belt, and the belt width is adjustable. It works GREAT for CCW OWB under a jacket. The cant is also adjustable so anywhere from FBI (butt-forward) to cross-draw position is possible. Cross-draw is best from a sitting position but makes for an easy pistol snatch when standing up. The VERY quick button release minimizes that possibility. It's faster than an open-top holster (almost NO friction) and safer than a thumb-snap (no accidental unsnapping). I wish they made a model for my SP-101 because it is my most versatile, trusted, FAVORITE OWB holster.

    P.S.) A shoulder harness platform is also available for use with your existing SERPA holster. And check-out their mag pouches, excellent equipment built for serious pros.
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    The only complaint I have with mine is that it doesnt hold the pistol in tight enough for my tastes....

    Otherwise, very GTG.....
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    I have no personal experience with them, but my agency just approved them for issue since FLETC has authorized them. I'm getting one.

    I know a few LEOs that swear by them.
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    No personal experience here either but I have a family member that has one for a Glock. Reportedly does very well, good retention with an easy draw after some practice with the release button.
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    I have a couple of these holsters and I bought them for range use but... the first thing I noticed is that they concealed pretty well under a jacket!

    Open carry should be no problem for sure. I found the paddle a pain to get off once properly on so I stick with the belt attachment. You can adjust the drop angle to your liking. Because of the open front portion of the holster I ended up using the straight drop.

    All in all I like them. I bought mine off e-bay for about 2/3 of retail.
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    By far my favorite OWB holster. Super comfortable yet, as already stated, they are easy to conceal under a cover garmet. When ever I put on anything else I get kind of worried; I always wonder if the gun will fall out during certain activities, but not with the Serpa. The firearm is locked in there and is not coming out until you want it, and even then it is super fast presentation.

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    The retention does work well. Had a buddy picked up off his feet by this pistol in a serpa holster. I like mine as well, holds the gun good and releases easily.
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    I have one not to bad they stick out less than a lot of kydex but still a lot more than leather

    I will say they will not defeat the dog though

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    They are fast. Easy to pick up the quick draw release motion. Weatherproof so rain and snow arent much isssue. I only have one for a 1911 now but will be getting one for a G36 when I see one.(Dont like mail order). But they are just utility. No glamour like leather.Glad I have it.Would recomend it. Wont be the only style of holster for each weapon, but will be on the list of holsters for each weapon that I will carry.
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    Great Holster

    I've got one for my P226. I can hide it under a jacket. The retention system works great Holding the gun in good(won't fall out). And drawing from the holster is fast: your finger naturally hits the release when go for you sidearm, and the open front for a quick point.
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    I own a few and would recommend them. good retention, fairly concealable, has both the belt loop/paddle setup, and fairly easy draw w/ the serpa.
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    Great holster, for training classes and the like. I have one for a G27. Very fast presentation and positive retention. I don't use mine for EDC, too bulky for me.


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