Need Holster Help...

Need Holster Help...

This is a discussion on Need Holster Help... within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So today I go to my daughter's school to see a show she is in. I'm carrying my Beretta 92 in a tuckable holster at ...

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Thread: Need Holster Help...

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    Need Holster Help...

    So today I go to my daughter's school to see a show she is in. I'm carrying my Beretta 92 in a tuckable holster at about 3:30, and my Sig P232 in a small pocket holster in my coat.

    Can't carry inside a school in Michigan, so when I get there, I lock them in the car, watch the show, and then back to the car. Slip the Sig back into my pocket, and then go to reholster the Beretta, but I can't get the angle while I'm sitting in the car.

    After trying for a couple of minutes and only succeeding in pushing my pants down my hip, I give up, slide my gun under my leg and head off to the coffee shop where I was meeting up with my business partner and fellow shooter.

    As I get out of the car, I slip the Beretta into my waist band, cover with my coat, and head right to the bathroom where I finally get things back in place.

    I'm wondering if there is a tuckable holster that makes it easier to reholster, especially while sitting.

    I bought a cheap one to try out and liked it so much that it is the only one I've ever used when my outfit demands tucking my shirt. This is the first time I've ever had to remove my gun in the car while wearing the tuckable holster, so now I'm just wondering what else is out there.

    Any thoughts?
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    I'd definitely suggest something with a good, stiff leather, or a metal reinforcing band at the mouth. You might want to look at a MaxCon V (tons of reports and info here), and other similar well made hosters. They've got the strength to stay open and let you reholster easily.

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    For a tuckable, check out the Answer or Texas Heritage from Tucker Gunleather. I rarely go tucked, but I like have the option the Answer affords. I chose the answer because the leather back is comfortable, but the form-fitting kydex holds it shape for single-handed reholstering, even while sitting. Note the way the belt clips are attached in the picture below. They hold the weapon in a very stable position, compared to my first IWB holster, the Galco Ultra Deep Cover. While concealable and tuckable, that holster was not very stable at all, being held by a single, thin clip that slipped over the waist band, not the belt.

    The Max Con V (I have one on order) or the new Max Con VI from Brommeland are excellent holsters, but are not tuckable. And don't even get Gary started on the topic!
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    I'm not really sure that it's the holster's fault on that issue. I find it hard to reholster anything while sitting in a car. You're sunk down in a somewhat soft seat with or without a seatbelt, your body is curled up, somewhat. There may or may not be a center console in the way.

    I think if you don't straighten your back up as much as possible, you won't be able to get a good reholster. You also sometimes can't get your arm in the correct position/angle to reholster because of the seat or other objects in your car. I'd prefer getting out of the car completely to reholster, but then you run the risk of freaking people out.

    I say, if the holster works good for you, then continue to use it. short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    Well...Id have to agree with the previous posts. As a maker and one who goes tucked in at times. The holster isnt the problem. But a rare situation you found yourself in is, IMO.

    Its just the way it is when you carry a gun. You can plan shopping where they allow guns, remember to not carry when you are going to court/schools/bars etc....but once in a while we all find ourselves going "K? What is the best solution for this lovely situation?"

    Shoot well and god bless
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    Since you already are familar and comfortable with an IWB consider one of the tuckables from CompTac. I use a C-TAC which makes it a breeze to reholster prior to exiting a vehicle. Here's the link
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    Any time I have to leave the gun locked in the car, the holster comes off with it. I prefer to put the holster back on while standing behind the open door for a visual barrier, then I get in, close the door and holster the gun.

    If I can't do it that way because of people in the immediate area or whatever then I just get in, close the door, tilt the stearing wheel up, lean the seat back a click or two, get as straight as possible and resecure the holster and gun. I don't use the tuckable feature so it's just a matter of getting the gear on. Retucking around a tuckable rig must be a nightmare when seated.
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    Tuckables are a pain. trying to get the gun in is the easy part. trying to tuck a shirt back in w/o unzipping your pants, and gettting the shirt to sit right is a pain. (probably why I don't use a tuckable feature much).
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