I have started this thread to comment on what has happened to the previous thread with the same name. We are not a bully pulpit so I locked the thread to prevent the fight from starting up again. And, whether you agree or disagree with our action as it applies to the previous thread, you need to understand why we did it and why future threads similar to this one will suffer a similar fate.

This thread was started innocently with no intention to start the heated argument containing alot of insinuations, and accusations. No member of this forum had the ability to resolve the problem other than the two parties directly involved. Had the complaints been handled by email, PM or telephone, as it should have, we would not have all had to become involved. There is almost always two sides to every story and to be fair to everyone involved, we don't need to hear either of them.

I would add that I actually agree with people on both sides of this issue, for the record. But, if you, as a consumer, feel like you are getting screwed in a transaction, cancel the order, call the Better Business Bureau, file a complaint with your transaction processer or credit card company, the Attorney General in your state, or whoever else you can think of. Put up your own webpage or post your story in one of the forums that don't mind having their members at each others throats. Just don't post it here. I'm not sure I can make it any more clear, this forum is not the customer service department of any of the holster makers or any other craftsman. We seem to have become a magnet for disgruntled holster buyers over the last couple of months and have been trying very hard to stop it in a fairly low key manner. From this point forward, however, we will not allow any complaints like this to stand, period. If you are about to post something you think may be on the edge, feel free to contact one of the staff or myslef ahead of time. It really is unfortunate that it has come to this. We have had posts about problems worded in such a way that the poster received the information or the outcome they were after, without attacking an individual publicly or threatening their livelihood. It's rarely what you say, but how you say it that makes the difference between making matters worse or gettng the problem resolved. It would also keep us from having to remove threads from the forum, something we don't do lightly.

Left uncheked, incidents like this cause cliques to form on each side of the issue and perpetual bickering and fighting to destroy a forum. I will not stand by and let that happen. If you think your freedom of speech is being restricted here, you need to understand that when you enter this site, it's just like walking into someone's home. You should have no expectation that you can come in and say or do anything you want to without consequences. You wouldn't let me do that at your place and I won't let you do that at ours. I have been told repeatedly by our core membership that they prefer this forum be kept a place they like to visit, where they can ask questions without being jumped on, where they can expect civility as the norm rather than the exception and where flames are put out quickly. We are here to provide that place even if we have to roll some heads to provide it. Make no mistake about my commitment to this.

And, lastly, I will thank our members that restrained themselves from "entering the fray". It's bad enough when something like this breaks out without having everyone that smells blood in the water to come in for a feast. Many of you expressed concerns about what was going on in the thread in question and reported posts that crossed a line in your opinion. We appreciate your interest in keeping the forum a civil place to visit.....