Car Storage Options; What Works for You?

Car Storage Options; What Works for You?

This is a discussion on Car Storage Options; What Works for You? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm relatively new to concealed carry and there's a quite a few of those signs up prohibiting carry. I carry to work but have to ...

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Thread: Car Storage Options; What Works for You?

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    Car Storage Options; What Works for You?

    I'm relatively new to concealed carry and there's a quite a few of those signs up prohibiting carry. I carry to work but have to leave my weapon in the car. I discussed this with my brother inlaw who's a chicago LEO and he just groaned! I have to admit, I don't like just locking my gun in the glove box. So do any of you do differently? When you have to, or decide to leave your gun in the car? I'd hate to go to the trunk to lock it so I was thinking of some slim lock box with a cable to the seat frame so I can get it out and slip it under relatively easy. What do you all think?


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    I think much may depend on the exact vehicle. I am very fortunate, in as much as - my piece VERY rarely leaves my side - the PA exceptions for carry rarely affect me.

    When however I do have to leave in vehicle - a Silverado crew cab - I place piece under rear seat to very back on floor. It slides inside one of those windshield sun-screen dealies, which when rolled/folded up make a useful depository.

    My glove compartment does not lock - but anyways - I regard that location as the very first place a BG will look. I have considered making or adapting a holster to fit to underneath of seat - which would make it totally (almost) hidden from inspection - unless searcher had head right down tight to floor.

    Some vehicles might also provide useful places under the dash - maybe near heater vent area - where a holster could be attached.
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    I live in Missouri too and have a Mo CCW license, so that's the context for my comments. And, please understand, I am definitely not advocating that anyone break the law. But.......

    I have discussed this situation with several city LEO's and Sheriff's Deputies that I shoot NRA Action Pistol with. I asked them if they knew of any of those type violations in our county. They said, to the best of their knowledge, there has never been a complaint made about someone carrying concealed in a prohibited building. Their "off the record" advice to me was to not pay much attention to the no CCW signs. First, someone in management has to "spot" the fact that you're carrying. If it's concealed, that's not easy to do. Then, under the law, their first action is to ask you to leave their establishment. If you do so peacably, no harm, no foul. If you don't, they will call the police (or sheriff) and the LEO will escort you from the premises. It's not until the second (or maybe third) violation that legal sanctions kick in.
    So, for me, I don't pay any attention to MOST of those "no CCW" signs. The one that I do pay attention to is the Post Office, since it is a Federal Building and there are federal penalties for carrying inside.

    Just MHO and YMMV.

    Good shooting.....deadeye.

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    Thanks Deadeye, that's pretty interesting! I'll take your lead and do some more checking. Still, I want to respect the wishes of the owner. I had a man ask me last week if he could "open" carry if he visited the church I pastor. I told him I don't want him to but that he's welcomed to carry concealed. I'd expect him to respect my wishes. Thanks for the information though!

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    I have on just like you're talking about, small metal lock-box -w- cable. I keep it cabled under the passenger seat. My car has a sliding storage bin under the passenger seat, works out pretty well.

    This box (link below) wouldn't stop a determined criminal from getting the gun, but it would delay them quite a bit. How many crooks carry bolt cutters :)
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    Thumbs up

    I am in 100% agreement with Deadeye's post (Hey...that's a first) .

    Here in Colorado it only becomes a legal problem if after being asked to leave an establishment by management, you refuse. There is no real penalty for carrying concealed where "signs" are posted. I've actually seen signs in a bar here that read "No Firearms Permitted Without Concealed Carry License"....kinda strange!
    As mentioned, definitely not the Federal Buildings or anywhere there are metal detectors for the specific purpose of checking for weapons....learn your specific state rules well!

    As far as vehicle goes (I only have cars and Harleys - no trucks), if I have to leave it, I lock it in the trunk!

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    Have you looked through all of our old posts, there was a previous (long) thread that dealt with methods of locking up your gun in your car somewhere.....
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    I have the exact same storage box as CMIDKIFF has.
    My only complaint is that I should have bought three of them! I use this every day at work. I feel better about my gun locked in that box, cbled to the seatbelt rod on the back seat. I have a four door pick-up truck. I fold the rear seat forward, and have a nice little shelf for the box to sit on, and as stated, the seatbelt rod is there.
    This box is thin, but still will not fit under either front seat, there's just to much mechanical, and electrical stuff under there.
    I would like to reconstruct my front console to "hide" this box in there somewhere, as I feel that is half the battle, out of sight, out of mind.
    If someone should steal the truck, and find the box, the next thing would be to get it open. If the box is hidden, there would be a less chance of it being found.

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    I go to organized shoots a lot and carry a number of high value firearms at times. Therefore, I went a little overboard on protection. I have Alpines top alarm system, including the GPS tracking if the car gets stolen. And I mounted a "Colorado Car Safe" under the seat. It mounts with four 1/4x20 bolts through the body. If somebody even noticed it during a break in, the alarm would hopefully be going off so they'd have too little time to rip it out. The combination gives me peace of mind at least. And then there's the pager, that will have me responding (hopefully gun in hand) to the alarm. Karl.
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