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Position for IWB?

This is a discussion on Position for IWB? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone else find it necessary to adjust every once in a while, seeing as the position that was comfortable the day before becomes uncomfortable ...

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    Does anyone else find it necessary to adjust every once in a while, seeing as the position that was comfortable the day before becomes uncomfortable the next day? It's happened with me a couple times, and this past weekend my Sig was a literal pain in my rear. Of course, I simply have a Hume M715 clip-on, and end up trying to cant it myself (it's oriented to be a simple straight drop), so it shifts often.

    Can't wait for my Max Con VI.

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    Being a lefty I have my IWB near or at 1900. As for driving, the difficult part is getting in and sitting down. Once in position it doesn't matter.
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    Depends what I am wearing. Usually with my IWB I wear at about 8:00 but depending on the cut of my clothes that day I sometimes go about 6:30. Being left handed that 4:30 carry really screws up my draw!

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    I would recommend keeping your weapon in the holster and attached to your body in your normal mode of carry, especially when in your car.

    I believe the year was 1986 when FBI agents engaged a pair of ruthless bandits named Michael Platt and William Matix in a residential neighborhood of Miami Florida.

    The FBI had been looking for these two criminals in earnest and when learned of their possible whereabouts, the FBI engaged in a sort of "rolling surveillence" with several teams in multiple vehicles. When located a "felony car stop" was initiated in which one of the FBI's most infamous gun battles ensued.

    One FBI agent in particular, Richard Manauzzi in the excitement of finally catching up with these two heavily armed killers and expecting to engage these gunmen, removed his pistol from his holster and either placed it under his thigh or laid it in the car seat next to him before they arrived on scene in order to have his weapon handy.

    As they arrived on scene and in the ensuing felony car stop, Manauzzi's vehicle collided with the suspect vehicle. Agent Manauzzi's weapon was thrown somewhere inside the vehicle and he was never able to recover it during the gun battle. Nor did Agent Manauzzi carry a back-up weapon and was essentially out of the fight for the duration. He fired NO Shots in the ensuing gun battle.

    While both gunmen, Platt and Matix were eventually killed, it was not before 2 FBI agents (Gerry Dove and Ben Grogan) were killed and 5 FBI agents including Richard Manauzzi were seriously wounded.

    Twenty years later, this case is still a training case used at the FBI academy for all new agents.

    One of the many lessons of the dynamics of this case is that a "loose gun" in the car can spell disaster if you are involved in an accident.

    Stay safe

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    Right about 4 o'clock works best for me.

    Consider a mounted holster in the car, if you are not comfortable with your carry position and have difficulty gaining access to your gun while seated.

    I've got a paddle holster that slips between the side of the seat and the seat frame, putting the gun right there by my side for easy access. The paddle is easily slipped out and placed under the seat, when I exit the vehicle, so the empty holster is not visible to peering eyes, who might want to break in looking for a gun.

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    2:30, 15* forward cant.
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    Beretta Mini Cougar, 3:00 - 3:15, IWB, Galco SkyOps. I haven't had any situation where it's uncomfortable or needed adjustment. My driving position and how I sit in the seat is such that my carry is accessible just as easy as if I were in a dining chair. I used to carry a Beretta 84 (like Browning BDA) at the appendix position, but the Cougar barrel and slide are just a little longer and make it uncomfortable .

    My new carry (very soon) will be a Beretta PX4 SubCompact. I think I'll be able to put that just about anywhere, including appendix, but I'll probably stick to 3:00 simply because that's what I'm used to.

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    IWB 9:30 Cross Draw, Bianchi 100 Pro, for my SA XD .45acp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock 'em down View Post
    Take off the holster? Are you crazy? It took an act of God for me to get that damned thing INSTALLED! I'll be damned if I'm gonna take it off and on! If I plan on taking my weapon on and off alot, I go with a paddle! Otherwise, when OFF duty, it's OWB/pancake for me.

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    About 4 o'clock for me. Seems to be the best compromise between comfort and accessibility.
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    4:30 with a decent amount of cant seems to work best for me. It's not just where it's positioned, but it's how high or low it sits that makes more of a difference for me for comfort. My Don Hume OWB sits just a little bit too high and digs into the small part of my back when I sit in the car. When I converted it into my "bucket holster" it sits way down inside my pants and is comfortable enough for my hour plus commute. For me lower is better for comfort.

    If you have an OWB holster and want to try out the bucket mod check out this thread - http://www.combatcarry.com/vbulletin...ad.php?t=24554

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    The more I've carried, the further my carry spot has moved towards the small of my back. My love handles just don't like that cold steel digging in all day. Now I need to find a good small of the back holster for a right hand draw...
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    4:30 strong side.
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    Im a very big guy and left handed, 7:30-8:00 with a forward cant is the perfect fit with IWB or OWB for me. It feels good standing, walking setting, everything. However it prints the worst there and really bad when wearing OWB. So with that said I slide it up to about 8:30 - 9:00 for much less printing and still pretty comfortable.
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    i carry either in the 2 o'clock and with my 1911 full size in the 4 o'clock

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