kinds of holsters

kinds of holsters

This is a discussion on kinds of holsters within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; hey. im fairly new to this whole thing and would like some information. i am planning on getting my CCW license and will purchasing a ...

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Thread: kinds of holsters

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    kinds of holsters

    hey. im fairly new to this whole thing and would like some information.
    i am planning on getting my CCW license and will purchasing a pistol this summer. i would like to know what kind of holsters there are. different places to position them etc. any info would be great.
    im currently looking at the XD9SC but haven't decided yet. but most likely will be getting some kinda of 9mm subcompact.
    i am a very light weight mid hight hight female and am wondering what the best way for me to carry would be.
    I would like something that i can wear with just a longish tshirt or light jacket if necessary. what do you suggest?
    any pictures or links to pictures would be helpful. especially pic of holsters with the pistols in them and on somebody.

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    Limatunes posted a couple of pictures of her carrying her Kimber (at least, I think it was her Kimber) in this thread:

    that's probably a good place to start.

    EDIT: as for me, I've got a Cochise Defender on order from K&D for my Glock 23. ( I'm glad I'm already married and a guy.. I don't have to worry about trying to find a place to stick my holster while wearing a miniskirt.
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    And there are several sites dedicated to women carrying - being one. I'm sure some of the females here can get you started in the right direction.
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    you my want to look at some thing in a single stack mag. It will be thinner and easer to conceal. but thats just my opinion! I have an xd subcompact 9mm and its a bit thick. I wish i had gotten something thinner, not that there is any thing wrong with the xd. I love to shot it, but most of the time it stays home. unless i want to wear a t-shirt and a cover shirt ( button down shirt or hoody)
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    nobody has yet to really answer to my question of what kind of holsters are their. what are their names. what do they look like. what are their disadvantages and advantages

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    Ok - Outside the waistband . OWB. Worn on a belt or might be a ''paddle'' which has a piece attached to go inside pants.

    Inside the waistband . IWB - usually worn so that belt picks up on loops but holster resides inside pants - usually needing a slightly larger size of pants.

    Shoulder .. a rig attached to straps which go around shoulders and holster hangs under armpit area. Sometimes using tie-downs to belt to avoid it swinging out when bending.

    Ankle holster - all but self-explanatory. A ''cuff' of leather or stretch fabric maybe - with small ''pouch'' holster attached. Needs worn under suitable size pant legs.

    Pocket holster . a small rig to hold a (usually) small gun. Protects from lint and camoflages gun shape to better stop it printing thru.

    Those are the main types but also we have to include fanny packs, Thunder wear and the like ... pouches of different types. Some worn externally others worn under pants.

    We also have ''belly band'' - where a stretch band goes around waist next to skin and has a portion for holding a gun.

    Maybe too purses should not be excluded. Also specialized containers with carry built in like cases, pager look-alikes etc.

    These are the main methods I think of - does this help any? All have their advantages and disadvantages and the subject in total is pretty broad.


    I you take time to browse thru many of our threads in holster section I am sure you will find some pics that could help.
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    Kinds or Types as in;

    IWB (worn inside the waist band)
    OWB (worn outside waist band)
    SOB (worn in the small of back)
    Cross Draw (worn weak side at about 10 o'clock )
    Shoulder Holster (horizontal or vertical models)

    There are many, many variances of each type holster mentioned above. Some made with Hammer Straps, Body Shields, Loops, Slots or Clips, Horsehide, Cowhide, Exotic Skins and Kydex. Forward Cants are usually at 15 degrees but some like the weapon to sit at 20degrees.

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    This question comes up from time to time, it would be cool if in our holster sticky, we had a subset for Women's options. Links to the Mitch Rosen Nancy Special, Del Fatti's woman's holster, carry purses ... all that stuff.

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    friesepherd... Holsters are very personal and what works for me will not work for you. Most people have a drawer full of holsters for various guns of past and present. Holsters they thought would work, but didn't. Holsters they wear with certain clothes or weapons and a plethera of other reasons. There is no easy answer to your question.

    There are some general things that I will mention.

    With holsters, you get what you pay for!

    For some reason, there are people who have no problem laying out $1,200 for a carry gun but balk at $80 for a holster. They shell out $19.95 for a cheapo and then complain that it is uncomfortable to wear, their gun falls out, it makes them sweat and etc, etc.

    Everything has to be a marriage between the weapon you choose, the type of holster (inside waist band, outside on the belt, paddle, ankle, off body carry, do I get one with a retention strap or not, etc), the type of clothes you wear with the weapon, the level of discomfort you are willing to put up with, and even where you will be carrying on your body. Everything will have a little give and take. You will sacrifice speed of getting the gun in action for more concealabilty or comfort.

    I go absolutely crazy with being anal when trying to decide on a holster design or style or when deciding which gun to buy. But then again, my money comes hard earned. I spend countless hours in research and asking questions and trying things out. And the CCW wave has made a real boom in the holster industry. Not so many years ago, there wasn't a whole lot of choices for concealment holsters which in a way, made things easier.

    Now, there are some safety considerations to weigh out on the topic of carrying on your body or off body as in a holster purse, one of those custom "day planner" things with hidden holster area and other methods.

    It is definitely considered more secure to carry the gun on your person. People who carry off body add a risk of leaving their weapon unattended if they leave their "day planner" on a desk when they step out to use a vending machine.

    Off body carry means you have to have an extra level of awareness when using that mode of carry. Beware of purse snatchers when using a purse as your carry method!

    Holster materials are to be considered as well. For ages, there was leather and that was it. Leather holsters are great. They add a bit of weight, but a good leather holster can't be beat. Nylon holsters are all over the place. Some of them can be very cheaply made and and are outright junk. But others rival the best of the leather holsters. Price and getting a nylon holster from a reputable manufacturer is the key to getting a good quality one. Relatively new on the scene are holsters made of modern plastics and polymers such as Kydex. Again, personal preference and do they meet your needs are keys to which ones to get. I have holsters of just about every type out there.

    Another type which I find especially comfortable and especially in summer time when wearing just shorts and a T-Shirt is the belly band. A 4 inch wide elastic band that has a pockets for gun, spare magazine , handcuffs, money etc and attaches with velcro. Most people wear the belly band, around their stomach... with the waistband of their pants over it. I have found it to be very comfortable wearing it higher on the chest. For a woman, the butt of the gun would be tucked in the area between their armpit and under their breast. I like that position and while I am a male, I have had women with similar statements of comfort there. And very concealable. But again, you sacrifice some speed in getting the gun out in order to have higher degree of concealability and comfort. And again, some brands of belly bands are better than others. Mine has a criss cross strap that is attached in the back and goes over your shoulders and attaches in front which gives more support to the whole rig and is designed to be worn higher up on the chest than around the waist.

    As stated earlier, you get what you pay for! A good quality leather, or even nylon or hybrid composite holster that will keep your weapon secure, allow for speedy presentation of the gun when drawn and be comfortable can be upwards of $100-$200. Or some can be found for $75. The holster market is very competitive these days.

    Spend some time and go to the Mega Holster Makers Lists in this forum and start looking through the manufacturer's websites and checking out prices, styles and the like. If you have any further questions you can certainly email me or ask others on this forum. I will try to answer any questions once you have some specifics in mind.

    You can find the link to the Mega Holster Makers thread here:

    Remember, it's easy to be overwhelmed with the options, so take a break from time to time and put some serious thought into it.

    I hope this was helpful. Glad to have you at the forum! Welcome!
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Check out the
    Del Fatti SLP/F Holster designed specifically for Women.

    Here is a link to his page. CLICK HERE
    Click on the three thumbnail photos.
    If you decide on a Del Fatti holster - and you already know what firearm you'll be buying later - then you had best order your holster ASAP as Matt's waiting times are fairly long.
    Absolutely they are worth the wait but, expect to wait as he is always booked solid with orders.

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