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This is a discussion on H.B.E. Leatherworks within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone have any recent experience with him? I ordered and paid for a holster back in Oct of last year and have yet to ...

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    H.B.E. Leatherworks

    Does anyone have any recent experience with him?

    I ordered and paid for a holster back in Oct of last year and have yet to receive it. I was orginally told it would be around Feb of this year before I got it because he was behind. That was fine because it was a IWB and I was wanting it for this summer.

    I called him about a month ago and was told that he had been behind but it would be in the mail within about two weeks. I still have not gotten it. When I try to call the number it tells me the message box is full and to call back another time. The email to one of the addresses was returned as unable to deliver.

    I ordered it from him because of the good reviews he was getting here and another site for his work. I am rather patent most times but I believe the wait is getting rather long. I have never waited this long with other custom makers I have used in the past. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problems or is this normal for his operation?

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    I ordered a holster he already had made that was on his website. Read about it on this forum. When I called I got his voicemail. He called me back about 2 hours later and I had the holster two days later. It is a great holster. I thought the service was great. Your situation is a little different, but I would order from him again.

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    I waited over 9 months on a holster I was promised I would get in 10 to 12 weeks.After sending many emails and pms I finially got my money back. All I ever got were promises that were never kept.

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    From Eric's website:

    "A Letter To Current Customers
    April 25 2007:

    Dear Customers,

    I thought Id update you all to what has been happening with H.B.E. as of late.

    My email has been on the fritz over the past while and I am sincerely sorry if that has caused an inconvenience for anyone. Calling me is still the best way of getting in touch with me. I've had many complaints about the email situation and all I can do is try and sort it out and give you my humble apologies. A new email address will be coming in a short time.

    If you need to get in touch with me, PLEASE DON'T EMAIL ME. CALL ME AND I WILL RETURN YOUR CALL WITHIN 48-72 HRS OR SOONER. When I get my email issues resolved then I will let everyone know.

    After much thought, I've come to a fairly major decision regarding my orders and the general "state of the company". I will be DRASTICALLY reducing the amount of work I take on over the next 6-12 months in order to get caught up on my current workload.

    I may quit taking orders altogether for a while or may just do them on a very limited basis. As of today, my lead times for orders taken will be up to 12 months out.

    I hope that doesn't upset to many of you but have to do this in order to get a better grasp on my workload. I appreciate all of your patience and look forward to hearing from you.

    After this is all said and done, hopefully Ill be down to a 1-4 week lead time like Id love to have now.

    For all of you who have work in the que and you have questions. Again, please call me... do not email me... at least not currently.

    You are all in my prayers... God bless.

    Eric Larsen
    HBE Specialty LeatherWorks"

    Unfortunately, this is what happens when the word gets out that someone's product is the caliber of Eric's.
    Let's not forget, that when dealing with all the premium, custom holsterers, you're dealing with one guy, in a small shop, with a sewing machine and a wall of hand tools. 1-2 holsters a week is about all you can expect. Everytime someone calls them, they have to turn off the sewing machine, or lay down the tools to pick up the telephone. Times this by 50-60 customers and you've got a serious time dillemma.
    Eric is a standup guy, who makes top teir stuff. If there's anything out there worth waiting for, it's an HBE holster.
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    I am going to leave this thread open for the present, but please be aware that if posts start to move in the wrong direction it will be closed or removed.

    If you haven't read Bumper's Posting of Custom Holster "Problems", please do so. Somehow we forgot to move it to the sticky area, so I just moved it there. I contains our position on holster problems.


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    I ordered and payed for one in November of 2005. Still not here after repeated promised timelines (and I didn't really inquire until after a year). I've written the $90 off as a lesson learned. Hope the gentleman works things out for himself. I wish him well.

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    I think we have enough info to help explain things - thx to the posters.

    I will close this to leave it tidy
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