IWB holster clips - What if someone asks what those are??

IWB holster clips - What if someone asks what those are??

This is a discussion on IWB holster clips - What if someone asks what those are?? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So, what's your response when someone asks - "What are those 2 clips on your belt?" I don't have my CHL yet, but expecting to ...

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Thread: IWB holster clips - What if someone asks what those are??

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    IWB holster clips - What if someone asks what those are??

    So, what's your response when someone asks - "What are those 2 clips on your belt?" I don't have my CHL yet, but expecting to carry with an IWB at about 3:30 position. This was just something I was thinking about when looking at a buddy's setup. I will need to utilize the "tuckable" option of IWB occasionally which will expose the clips.

    Just curious if you have gotten the question, how you responded, or how you will respond. Would like to have a couple responses in the chute and ready to go. I mean if it was one of my buddies I would just say I wrap my manhood around on that side and it helps hold it up...but I don't think that is going to fly in the office. :sign002:
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    I'd just say, "It's a personal thing I'd rather not talk about."

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    "Insulin pump"
    "Hernia Truss"

    "Yeah, None ya business!"

    The options are limitless...
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    Been carrying with two clips showing for years. Never been asked.
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    From pictures I have seen if you have a black belt and black clips you can't even see the clips unless you're really looking.
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    Someone would have to be pretty darn brave to ask what something hanging on you belt is. These days, there is so much that can be hung on a belt, it is hardly even noticed. My guess is, if someone really does notice, they probably already have a pretty good idea what it is.

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    "Collostomy bag. Wanna see?"

    LOL, actually I've never been asked. I tend to wear shirts that cover my belt. If I was asked I'd reply NOYB if it wasn't a close friend, if it was, I'd tell them honestly since they're a friend.
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    This is why I WOULD never wear a tuckable like this. It's called concealed carry; if part of my holster/rig is showing then it's not concealed enough to satisfy me. Just walking down the street or in a store you won't be asked but at work you will be sooner or later. And let's face it, that's where most people want to such a rig so they can tuck at work. To me it doesn't make sense unless you're an LEO who want's to be discreet but it wouldn't be a big deal if they found out.

    Tell someone at work that it's a "personal" thing and you'll get them curious and they'll think about it every time they see you and they will discuss their curiousity with others.

    I work in a professional business environment where you have to have your shirt tucked but can't really wear a suit coat so standard IWB is out.

    I believe your options are limited here. It's really got to be some kind of belly band or Holster Tshirt, ankle holster, Smartcarry concept, or true pocket carry. If you're in shape wearing a dress shirt, belly bands will print and you'll see the bulge unless my own bulge is bigger

    Ankle carry is also very limited unless you can wear extra long/baggy pants. Let's face it, at work we put up our lets, etc. That leaves you with smartcarry and pocket carry which means smaller weapons.

    Once you take off any covergarment, your options go way down. and so too does the size of weapon.

    I always hear guys saying they can carry a full size 1911 in a tuckable or a glock in their pocket and bigger guys may be able to, but the thinner, small you are the harder it gets.

    I recommend a combinatio of guns and carry methods to meet the needs. Despite a lot of effort to find something else, nothing has proven as versitle for no-cover carry than a little keltec .380 in the pocket or a smartcarry. Even a J frame looks too big and is actually a bit uncomfortable in my dress pants.

    So I'd recommend skipping any type of tuckable unless you want to wear it under a suit coat so it's even less noticeable if the coat flips open.

    I know a lot of guys will disagree with me and that's okay, you have to find something that works for you but think about this, EVERY other guy who carrys or knows about CCW will know exactly what those clips are!! If I'm going to carry at work, it's important to me (and I think highly adviseable) that NOONE know but me.

    Anyway, my opinions and two cent's won't get you a cup of coffee.

    Think multiple scenarios and then get weapons for each, i.e., pocket summer carry, IWB carry when you do have a cover garment, etc.

    God Bless

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    V-Clips avoid this problem. they hold securely, the velcro is on the belt (I hear great things about thebeltman's stuff)
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    Several options--Comp-Tac V clips work with velcro on the back of the belt, nothing showing in front. A cellphone can cover one of the clips, if you're using the standard ones. With a Wilderness belt and C-clips, the front clip appears to be part of the closing system.

    Even with these improvements, I wouldn't use a tuckable if it is crucial that you aren't spotted. I'd go with pocket carry.

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    If anyone is looking that closely, you are probably gonna get lucky so I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveLeather View Post
    If anyone is looking that closely, you are probably gonna get lucky so I wouldn't worry about it.
    Not sure my wife would like that. And most of them are doods...so...ummmm

    Everyone is bringing up good points. I'm a little surprised no one has been asked though. Most of the time I can wear an untucked shirt so I should be fine. But I am a fit guy and when I wear tucked shirts I'm just curious about how visible the clips are and if that will make people curious.

    I may need to get the airweight .38 on the ankle or something. Maybe the pager pal if anyone who hates theirs would send it to me to try out. Not a fan of the smart carry as I don't want to dig in my pants for the pistol. But I don't want us to get off track here.

    Anybody else have feedback on the clips? Get any comments? What would you say?

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    I agree with Gideon. I find most times, I've got the Keltec in my pocket.
    My work or other things don't lend themselves very well to untucked shirts, vest or coat. I can use my Smart Carry at times, others I've got my Glock or Kahr IWB, when I can. But, everyone has to find what works for them.

    I do find myself checking people waistbands and I can see those clips & bulges now and then. BUT I'm not asking what they are.

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    I don't carry at work, but almost everywhere else I do.

    I use Comp-Tac CTAC and about half the time I carry with the shirt tucked in.

    While those of us who carry have developed a heightened sense of awareness (condition yellow), 99% of the people around us have not.

    They are so utterly clueless to major things around them that noticing two nearly invisible clips on the belt of a complete stranger is virtually outside of their realm of awareness. Never you mind them getting up the nerve to ask a perfect stranger what they are.

    When I do tuck my shirt in, I leave it bloused quite a bit over my belt for two reasons. One, the fabric drapes down over my belt some and further conceals the clips and the butt of the gun, and two (most importantly) there is more fabric to grab on to and less to pull out should it ever be necessary to draw down.

    In short, I don't worry about it in the least.

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