Pocket Holster Rationale

Pocket Holster Rationale

This is a discussion on Pocket Holster Rationale within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After a recent dealing with a customer, I think it's time for an educational post on the subject of pocket holsters for small pistols. I ...

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Thread: Pocket Holster Rationale

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    Pocket Holster Rationale

    After a recent dealing with a customer, I think it's time for an educational post on the subject of pocket holsters for small pistols. I needed to borrow a pistol from a local customer to make an IWB holster. (I usually have enough real guns in my collection, buddies who lend me their guns, and dummy guns on hand that this isn't necessary, but occasionally I have to turn out-of-state orders away because I don't have access to the gun. Local guys get the advantage of a face-to-face meet to loan their pistol. According to my wife, I can't own everything! ). Anyway, I usually ask if they have another piece to carry while I have their's, and try to have their's for as short a time as possible. usually starting the holster to the molding point so I only have their gun for a day or two when I borrow it. So I ask, and this guy shows me a Kahr PM9 flopping loose in his front pocket. I have encountered this before. When I address it on the range as a law enforcement firearms instructor I can usually talk sense. When I address it wearing my holster-maker's hat, it is usually perceived as a sales pitch which was the case here until I touched upon each of the following points.
    So here are the reasons you should carry in a pocket holster (anyone's, not just mine, but please someone's!) and not loose in your pocket:

    1. To make the gun more accessible
    A pocket holster will keep the gun upright in the same position all
    the time and make for a smoother, snag-free draw

    2. To protect your pocket and leg from the gun
    Any pistol will eventually wear holes in a pocket

    3. To disguise the outline of the gun
    So it doesn't look like a gun in your pocket (This is usually the only reason folks consider).

    4. To protect the gun and you from your pocket and what's in it
    And this is the most important. Most pocket holsters will have a closed muzzle, or at least a rolled muzzle, which will keep lint and other pocket debris out of the muzzle. But most important the trigger-guard is covered. There have been documented incidents where someone put their keys in the same pocket as their pistol. Key or pen-light or other object on keyring works it's way into trigger-guard, and when they pull their keys out gun goes bang! Now the simple solution is don't put anything else in that pocket, which is sound advice even if using a pocket holster; but we are creatures of habit and if you are new to carrying that way inadvertant things can happen. A fellow LE i worked with back east carried a PPK loose in his front pocket (before my holster-making days or I would have smacked him with a wet leather strap!) He dropped some change in his pocket by accident and later showed me what had happened. A nickel had lodged in the triggerguard below and behind the trigger making it physically
    impossible to pull the trigger! It took a pair of needle-nose pliers to pull it out! Now if you need a back-up you desparately need it, and his would have been useless. (See my new postin the LE section here on why to carry a BUG - I'm feeling wordy today).
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    Useful ''wordy'' tho Mark

    Can't fault that rationale at all - and it's worth anyone takin' on board too IMO.
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    But that holster means I can't fit all types of other crap in my pocket.

    (sarcasm there). With a holster and S&W 638 nothing else goes in the pocket of my jeans. I got other pockets other stuff can fit in.

    Sounds well thought out and is good advice. Doesn't sound like your trying to push your product any more than saying Mexican carry with sweatpants is a bad idea and that person needs a carry rig.
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    Thanks for the post Mark; those were the reasons I used (as most) when I carried a BUG in my weak-hand pants pocket.
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    You would think something like that wouldn't have to be posted. I'm amazed at guys in LE that I've seen carry a BUG/off-duty in their front pants pocket. They just toss it in.

    That would scare the heck out of me. I've accidentally put my keys in where my gun is, but with a good holster it's not a problem. I don't recommend it, but I don't want to shoot off parts of me either. I especially don't want to find out about close range bullet expansion at close range...
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    Quote Originally Posted by srfl View Post
    Thanks for the post Mark; those were the reasons I used (as most) when I carried a BUG in my weak-hand pants pocket.
    Same here. 95% of the time I have some sort of pocket gun as backup.

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    Gosh, I hate it when logic has to be injected into a conversation. Great presentation of facts, and I will pass it on to my brother who throws his gun in his pocket. I have tried to tell him, maybe your note can convince him otherwise. Thank you for your input.
    I know, I know, you are smarter than me..just ask you..

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    When I 'pocket' my P-3AT, it's in a Fist kydex holster (with an easy thumb push release...NOTHING else in that pocket...not even change!

    Stay armed...stay safe!

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    Yup, pocket holsters do so much,keping the gun upright and keeping the trigger covered. There was an good article in American Handgunner a couple years ago where the author dropped his P32 in his pocket to run to the store. Upon getting out at the store, his keys or change or something caused the gun to fire, fortunately neither he nor anyone else got hurt.

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    The need to have my gun pocket free of everything but the gun in it's holster has caused me to start wearing a belt pouch with cell phone and spare mag in outside pockets and inside, multiple needed meds, glasses, notebook & Pen, Rosary and assorted other stuff as needed. My keys go in the offside pocket.
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    Good post. All great reasons plus a chance to own more custom leather for my J Frame.
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    Couldn't agree more. I'm waiting for my custom leather to replace my el cheapo Uncle Mikes after over a year of pocket carry.
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    Now the simple solution is don't put anything else in that pocket, which is sound advice even if using a pocket holster
    Good advice. All of my stuff goes into the weak side pocket.

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    Thanks for the input!

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    Great post Mark Garrity. All true!!

    Shine on...
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