Evolution of my Carry Rig

Evolution of my Carry Rig

This is a discussion on Evolution of my Carry Rig within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The evolution of my carry rig for my S&W M&P. The Gun. The cheapo holster. (very little worth, none for carry or comfort, fine for ...

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Thread: Evolution of my Carry Rig

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    Smile Evolution of my Carry Rig

    The evolution of my carry rig for my S&W M&P.

    The Gun.

    The cheapo holster. (very little worth, none for carry or comfort, fine for putting in a bag for the range.)

    The cheapy leather slide with clip off ebay. (not bad for short term carry.)

    The shoulder rig. Cheap off ebay. (Holds two clips and is very comfortable. I'm sure it will get more use during the winter months)

    Finally the nice gun belt comes in from Gunners Ally ! (Makes the cheap leather slide an OK option for all day carry and a very good option for OWB range carry.)

    Then the great Nate delivers an awesome UBG IWB. My EDC carry need has been met.

    I think my carry rig is now fully evolved!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Evolution of my Carry Rig-m-p-2.jpg  

    Evolution of my Carry Rig-basic-holster-2.jpg  

    Evolution of my Carry Rig-slide-clip-2.jpg  

    Evolution of my Carry Rig-shoulder-holster-2.jpg  

    Evolution of my Carry Rig-belt-2.jpg  

    Evolution of my Carry Rig-ubg-2.jpg  

    Evolution of my Carry Rig-ubg-belt-2.jpg  

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    Nice set-up. UBG makes very good stuff. Who made (What's the name of) the shoulder holster & what did it run? I wouldn't mind getting a cheapie shoulder holster for winter, if it's comfortable.
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    Good end solution. Nate makes good stuff.

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    The brand of the shoulder rig is UTB, I'm not sure what it stands for. The seller was "uxsports". I paid 10 bucks plus shipping for it. I find it is plenty comfortable as long as I'm wearing a collard shirt, but it digs into my neck if I only wear a tshirt. One day I'll anti up for the nice leather should rig. I know I will only use it a handful of times so for now the cheapy one is fine.

    The UBG IWB gets high marks! Thanks Nate.

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    I also have Nate'sa UGB Clip holster, For concealability, it might be my best (I have others...VM-II's, Fist...)...Might have to get another!

    I made a mod on the holster( sorry Nate, I tend to do this to holsters) by cutting a slot for the clip to sit in just a 'hair' higher than the existing slot...that gets the clip to sit a 'hair' higher, so the holster rides just a 'hair' lower....worked well for me...(I did something on my VM-II's to get them to ride alittle lower...)

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    Hey, once it's yours it's yours. I can make them lower ride, too. The Glock 27 on the bottom left of the gallery is an example.
    www.ubgholsters.com short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    Nice UBG rig.
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    That shoulder rig is UTG (under the gun) they are available from cheaper than dirt and several sellers on ebay. Very generic fairly good quality servicable but not fancy. I have one for my POS (maybe a pos but it shoots straight!)Highpoint 40cal. I prefer my Bianchi Ranger for my 1911.
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    Show off.

    Looking forward to seeing it in person soon...you jackass. (I'm not bitter at all that I am still waiting on my CrossBreed)
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    Thanks, it is a nice rig...very comfy.

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