True Custom/New Holster Design

True Custom/New Holster Design

This is a discussion on True Custom/New Holster Design within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; One of the things that keeps me so backlogged on orders is that I strive to give the customer exactly what they want and specify. ...

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Thread: True Custom/New Holster Design

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    True Custom/New Holster Design

    One of the things that keeps me so backlogged on orders is that I strive to give the customer exactly what they want and specify. If a design or style they want is not pictured on my web-site, I will work with the customer to create something to their specifications. I believe that this is the meaning of true custom, and as time consuming and labor intensive as that is, I do not intend to deviate from such offerings, with the customers understanding that such things will take time working them in between other orders.
    This is a recent holster that is an example of something specially tailored to the individual client. It was over a year in the making, with numerous prototypes made of scrap leather tried and tested and sent back and forth with little notations before the customer settled on the actual design. The forward angle is very extreme to say the least. This customer is rather thin, and wanted to carry a full-size 5" 1911 concealed. The holsters he had tried and been unhappy with, aside from my own In-Cognito and Changeling (which still could not be adjusted to enough cant to satisfy) read like a who's who of the best-of-the-best holsters out there. Over a dozen designs that did not work for him.
    He specified a cant that would place the grip almost vertical when worn on the side. What made this especially difficult design-wise for me was the fact that he is wrong-handed (damn lefties!) so none of the prototypes felt quite right on me anyway. Here is the end result, which he reports he is extremely pleased with.

    It is cordovan-dyed leather with black shark-skin accents:

    Basically a modified in-Cognito, but it was necessary to move the front loop onto the pistol to allow it to seat as deep as possible. The rear sight is basically on the waistband. The forward wing of leather is still necessary to stabalize it and pull the front in, which is why we went with a two piece construction instead of front-wrap design.

    Yes, it works well SOB too, though I know that is not his intent.

    That smooth-as-silk kangaroo lining that I rave about:

    Thanks for looking!
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    Very nice mark how much and what's the wait time.. should have sent the prototypes to me I'm a lefty

    not sure i would want that extreme cant but might be interesting to try

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    Very nice!

    Now thats why there's a backlog...
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    Well worth the wait.
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    Wow, looks great. Too much cant for my taste, but the holster looks excellent. LH'ed shooter here too.
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    I Love cant - but maybe not quite that degree - I can tho see how that could be useful.

    Lovely piece of work (of art!).
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    That is one nice looking outfit. I bet you get a lot of inquires on it.

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    Can we expect to see the In-Cognito Extreem Cant on your products page anytime soon?
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    interesting design. I dont think its for me, but I wouldnt mind trying it out to see how it felt. I too, bet you get several requests for it.
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    That is a nice looking holster...the cant would seem to work better for SOB than strong side...but that's just me...

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    That is wonderful!

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    Great looking holster!

    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    Can we expect to see the In-Cognito Extreem Cant on your products page anytime soon?
    To follow up on Thumper's question, did any of your current holster lineup originate as a true custom job?

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    This is exactly the design (albiet righty) that got me started making my own poor imitations of holsters.

    The extreme cant is VERY useful for those of us that sit a lot. puts the grip in a great, accessible place.
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    Another excellent holster Mark, that shark looks to have a bit more texture than what I usually see as well - super nice! It's a bit extreme in cant for my taste but I always enjoy seeing your custom pieces, they're always unique.

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    I actually like the cant, because you can draw easily while seated & I find it easier & quicker to draw even while standing.

    I wouldn't mind one for my Glock 19. So, when are you selling that model & what'll it cost?
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