I was curious what the new Fobus Evolution holster would look like. I know Fobus took some heat because of claims that the paddle could be broken off to easily.

Well, I bought one for a Glock. The holster material is about double in thickness and the paddle is about the same as the original model except it has a rubber backing to help with stability. The holster itself is made from one piece rather that two 'halves' riveted togther.

They've also added a tension adjustment screw. But I suppose the big thing is the paddle attachment has been beefed up. It is still attached with three rivets, but on the back side of the paddle, they've added a metal strip for more security.

I've got four crates of holsters from custom leather to solid kydex. And I have to say, I don't have a problem with the Fobus. It holds the gun about as close as a paddle can and it's secure. I have a Safariland paddle, model 560 for the Glock and while it's a fine holster, it doesn't hold the gun into the side as well as the Fobus. One costs about $70, the other $30.