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Ladies who carry in a carry purse.....

This is a discussion on Ladies who carry in a carry purse..... within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here Is A Link Scroll down the page and there are more than a few different styles of firearm purse pictures shown. Seeing the pics ...

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Thread: Ladies who carry in a carry purse.....

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    Here Is A Link
    Scroll down the page and there are more than a few different styles of firearm purse pictures shown. Seeing the pics might help.
    Maybe you just need a better or different style gun purse.
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    I agree w/ Blackeagle 100% - I would not use the necessary language to express my opinion of Uncle Mike's products in the presence of a lady.

    If you want to carry on-body your choices are twofold - either a shoulder rig or a belt holster. Shoulder rigs are, imho a speciality tool and I do not recommend them for daily carry.

    That leaves us with a belt holster. This will require that you wear a belt (after all, there was probably a time when you didn't carry a gun, too!). Also, all belts are not created equal. Make sure that you buy a gunbelt from a reputable custom shop - there is not a factory belt available that I would recommend for your purposes. A 1-1/4" width would be adequate, and should fit in the belt loops of your shorts/slacks.

    Next, look around for a holster. It is my sincere recommendation that you skip the factory stuff, and look for a good custom shop. If you are really "curvy", then avoid anything made for a man - it will be uncomfortable. If you are more "willowy", you might find one that works, but a ladies holster would still be a better option.

    Look for a holster that carries in the appendix position (to the right of your belly button - or left since you are a lefty). If you are sufficiently "busty" for your clothes to drap over your gun in that position, you're all set. Most women's holsters are designed for that postion, and you just need to look around a bit. I believe Mitch Rosen makes such a holster. (We have one under development, but it is 6 months away at best from being "market ready".)

    If "busty" does not describe you, then look for an IWB (Inside Waist Band) design for the same position - it will carry closer to your body.

    Betty has mentioned previously having great success with a "bellyband" as well - I'll leave that one for her to explain as I have no personal experience at either wearing one, or being a woman.

    Please bear in mind that this may get a little spendy, but junk equipment keeps costing you over and over to replace. Good gear is a one time investment. Good luck!

    PS. Going to a smaller gun like a Kahr PM-9 would make your concealment task easier. A smaller gun yet (a Seecamp or Kel-Tec for example) in a pocket holster would also offer options. I personally prefer a larger caliber, but some of the modes of dress that you described may not work with a bigger gun. A .32 in the pocket always trumps the .45 left in your car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenia View Post
    That concealed pic on page one where the woman is wearing behind the hip has been suggested more then once. How does she sit with that on? What about getting to it while in the car seat? (actually she could probably get to it in a car seat... but I am a lefty.... between the seat belt and the car door I woudl be fumbling with getting the gun long before the BG got to me.)
    I'll see if I can get her to take another pic tonight sitting.

    Being a lefty, the car is always going to present a problem. The door is always going to be in the way. You might try an under the dash setup when you are in the car.

    Good luck with your search! Gary knows his stuff about holsters and what works.
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    A belly band might be the cheapest solution to try and find what is the most comfortable position to carry since you can slide it around and position it different places.
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    Hi Xenia,

    Great questions. I definitely can't wear behind the hip. And I am a good bit older than Protect's wife. Which puts me most decidedly not in the willowy category. Guy gear doesn't work for me at all - or most women. We don't just look different on the outside, our joints don't work the same. A strong side carry is a fumble waiting to happen for a woman. Our shoulders simply don't function well at the angle required to draw from that position (behind the hip). An appendix position holster is drawn straight back and punched forward - much better for a female shoulder.

    Gary is working on a holster for me that should be available by the end of the year. I am getting used to wearing a belt now, because I wasn't much of a belt person either. Leather is the most comfortable material because the edges are rounder (not willowy, remember?). Tell the shop you order it from that it is for a woman - I know Gary curves them differently for women than men to be compatible with a woman's hip structure. Save up for a good one - it really does make a difference.

    I have had to change my wardrobe a bit to accommodate self defense. I am fortunate to be able to dress casually. (If I would look out of place in hiking boots, why bother going? ) Casual dress makes it easier to "pack" than do more dressy clothes, but where there is a will, there is a way. But I think Betty and Limatunes probably have more "dress" experience than I do.

    I only occassionally carry in a fanny pack, but it makes me nervous. The gun gets heavy as you mentioned - and I am carrying a MK9 (although now I realize I should have listened to Gary and gotten a polymer frame). Also, like a purse, a snatcher can just cut the straps and be gone. (Wonderful, now I have armed a criminal!) But I absolutely never carry in a purse. I will use a smaller firearm in a pocket holster instead. A .32 in an eyeball beats a .45 in the glovebox! Also, like Betty, I think bellybands are great. I wear heavy weight t-shirts or a thick "drape-y" fabric shirt. Works with jeans, shorts, any pants without belt loops, overalls, and skirts. Winter time is great - sweaters rock! You need to practice, though, because a lot of methods that women use are a bit slower to draw from than the traditional strong side carry.

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    You might have to change your style of attire somewhat to accommodate the gun. That is common. You may even need to consider a different gun. Small, compact, and lite weight add to the comfort level. When sitting at a table and chair can you simply put the purse between your feet on the floor? You might try an IWB holster at 4:00 so, not right on your hip. Forgot you were a lefty so would that be 8:00? I use a fanny pack sometimes and it helps to put it off to one side in front.

    The main thing is you may have to make some changes. I had to go from a 34 to a 36 inch waste for example. I just can't carry and breath with an IWB holster otherwise.

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    I would say that maybe your best best is to keep your nice, new M&P 9 Compact. It is a great gun. I would seriously order a custom holster for it and describe to the custom holster maker guy/girl what you want out of it, so that they can accomadate it for you. I personally ordered a UBG Striker I for my S&W 910 and once I get that I, well am still deciding on who is going to make my M&P .40 cal holster. but once you start talking with them and explain what you want they will be able yo help you get what you need.

    And as far as the belt goes. DO IT! period! I used to buy "The Manly Belts" from wally wold or Kohls or whereever. they suck poo-poo. they were always bending and cracking and so on. I happened to pick up LAST YEAR and good quality belt with changable buckle, for around $50 or so. and it is not bent, cracked or anything remotely looking like my previous belts. it is worth it.

    IMO, I would say, like i just did to my wife. ok lets set aside, even if it means to wait a little while, about $150 for a belt and 1-2 holsters. my hope is that everyone spend about 30-50 on a belt, sometimes people do have sale ya know, and the rest on some good quality, custom holsters...........if you think maybe not, check silver bullet out, they are local and have "the name brands" to give you a idea of what style you may like as faras IWB or Outside The Waist. but for only a few more then local $$$ you can have a great custom holster.

    BTW......anyone want to make me a 1 of a kind holster for my M&P .40????? PM Me

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    You do get a trial period with the smart carry, so TRY it as soon as you get it. Takes bit of getting used to, but works fine for me. BUT I'm not a woman. Others have given very good suggestions. My wife is expecting her CC license soon and is searching for carry options.

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    My wife has gotten caught without her gun next to her body! (in her purse) she now swears NEVER to have it in her purse again. Experience rules....
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    First, let me say I asked a stupid question once; I asked my first wife to marry me! That has since been remedied.
    My wife carries her P239 in a Hume IWB, appendix. She is not very big, and hides the gun very well. Luck on your search, as it was for sure harder to find something for her than me..
    I know, I know, you are smarter than me..just ask you..

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    I'm not a woman but I do carry a man purse. I carry my bag over my body and I never (NEVER) remove it. I wear it in the car, I wear it around the office, i wear it while sitting in a restaurant. I have the strap at just the right length so that the bag stays out of my way most of the time. I can't really access my bag while in the car but at least I can get the seatbelt on without removing the bag.

    I had a dayplanner (with no gun) for a number of years but I was always setting it down and leaving without it. That's when I decided that I needed a bag with a strap on it so I would never forget it again.

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    Although not perfect my wife has come down to a Kydex paddle holster without a belt. She is a bigger gal and does not like to wear belts. She wears pants to work, not jeans, and she has found a paddle holster to hold and conceal well with a light 5 shot snubby even without a belt. It still seams to draw well for her and she can just slide it on when she leaves the house. She also can slide it off and into her purse or leave it in the car if the situation changes during the coarse of her day.
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    I wouldn't recomend carrying a semi auto in a purse. too many things to jam up on in the slide if you need to fire through the bag or get a stove pip becaues the round couldn't eject away. Same goes for a fanny pack if you need to fire it from inside. I recomend a hamerless revolver for those types of carry.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    I just very recently got my kimber aegis. I was suprised at how well i could conceal it. i dont have my holster yet (i ordered a CTAC online last week). I am planning on carrying on the very small flat-ish spot on my back around 5 oclock, IWB. By just putting my gun there i can tell i will be able to conceal it fine there. I personally am quite skinny and i know everyone is shaped differantly so you will have to find out what works best for you. I urge you to take another look at on-body carry. Im planning on getting a carry purse for when i have no other choice, but its simply much safer to have it on you. I plan on posting a picture eventually of how i carry and some cover garmets. etc.
    You would be suprised how far a normal tshirt with a button up short sleeve type shirt over it goes. One of my new shirts especially works great because it has a string/ribbon type thing in the back which kinda pulls the shirt together back there folding it a little and really breaking on the pattern and hides a gun great.
    If you do consider on-body carry you will have to change your clothing style some. The few new shirts i just bought are WAY more girly then I would ever wear (im kinda a tom boy). But so it goes.
    Good luck with everything!

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    I understand your problem. When putting my purse on the floor....I put the strap around my ankle. That way if it is touched I know. In the car....I put my purse strap in my seatbelt and then put it on me. It sounds like you have a nice long strap so these should work. I have a "hobo" style one with a shorter strap and I can still do it. I just got a "fatboy" type that is great for everyday carry. I have a fanny pack for around the house and yard. I too am heavier, but you get used to it. Be sure and take all you purses to the range and practice drawing from them. Practice makes perfect.
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