For the past year, I've experimented with appendix carry & pretty much use it exclusively for the last 6 months when I carry my Kahr PM9.

I've sworn by UBG holsters (& I still do), but I notice my holster gets pretty damp with the hot summer we're having in S. Calif. & the one I have is difficult to re-holster (Yes, it's a necessary function for me).

Anyways, I picked up a Fist #8 holster (Interchangable/cantable/tuckable IWB). I bought it off of someone & it came with a kydex loop & kydex split loop. The holster's in his "ultra thin" kydex. It isn't pretty. The fit & finish isn't great, it has 2 pieces of kydex sewn together. But it works VERY well.

It has a sweat shield & is very comfortable, I can't believe it. I've gotten used to carrying appendix, but with this holster I actually forget it's there after awhile.

Of course, the type of gun you carry appendix is important. I can carry my Glock 19 that way, but it's just not going to be as comfortable as the PM9. For me personally, I have found that my 1911 isn't comfortable there (A Para LW LTC), so I carry it comfortabley in a Brommeland Max-Con V.

Anyways, for summer carry, this has worked out great.

By the end of the week, I should be getting my new Kel-Tec P-32 that I traded (Thanks elrey718!), so we'll see how that works out, but I'll probably pocket carry that exclusively.

Has anyone used one of those neck-chain holsters that a few kydex holster companies make? I'm curious how it would work out with such a light gun like the P-32. At less than 7 oz., it might be close to carrying my badge-chain that I used to use. Anyone have any experience with those?