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This is a discussion on spare mag poll within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I generally carry two OWB. But when I need to tuck in my shirt, I do have a tuckable IWB mag carrier. But just one ...

View Poll Results: how and where do you carry your spare mag(s)?

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  • outer waistband mag pouch

    106 58.56%
  • inner waistband mag pouch

    9 4.97%
  • in pocket, no mag pouch

    38 20.99%
  • in pocket, in a mag pouch to protect exposed round

    12 6.63%
  • other method/placement (please elaborate below)

    13 7.18%
  • i don't carry an extra mag

    28 15.47%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: spare mag poll

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    Member Array ShadeAngel's Avatar
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    I generally carry two OWB. But when I need to tuck in my shirt, I do have a tuckable IWB mag carrier. But just one because even that is a tight fit. I will usually put the other one in my pocket.
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    I carry my spare USP mag in a Blackhawk mag carrier on my weak side.

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    BUG and magazine

    A couple of tips that might work for someone:
    Before I carried my Kel Tec P32 as a BUG, I carried an NAA .22mag in my weak side back pocket with a spare 1911 magazine. They sat side by side and held each other up in place in the pocket. If I had to reach there, I had the option of a "New York" reload (RIP, Mr. Cirillo) or grabbing the spare magazine. I used a Wilson 8 rounder.
    Now I usually carry the spare in a Fist or Brommeland pouch on the off side, and for the 1911, I switched to a Wilson 10 round mag.

    Also, if you're carrying in one of the nylon holsters with a spare mag pouch on the front and a spring steel clip and ambi belt loops, you know it can be hard to get the mag out, since it's on your strong hand side. One customer insists on CCW with this holster, but bought a separate mag pouch for the weak side, and keeps a medium sized MSI pepper spray cannister in the mag pouch. Another customer who carries a revolver did the same thing and carries a speed strip in her pocket and a loader in her purse. She's using a smaller keychain-sized spray in hers.

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    Jun 2006
    North Dakota
    I use two different methods. If I'm wearing cargo pants throw it into a pocket. If not I've got a knife sheath that can hold a double stack horizontal to my belt. I'm trying to find more pouches like that, by the way
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    Senior Member Array tex45acp's Avatar
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    When I carry my XD45, I carry two spare mags in the mag carrier I bought along with my holster from Gary Brommeland. It is very comfortable and carries the double stack mags stuffed with 230gr 45acp quite comfortably.
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    need a light?

    I use Blade-Tech's combo pouch w/Tech-lok which carries my spare mag and SF E2D light.

    Not cheap @ $55 but what price is security and comfort...
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    Pocket carry for now. Looking to move to a OWB, but haven't found what I'm looking for yet. Not sure what that is until I find it.
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    VIP Member Array NY27's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Primary weapon behind right hip in an IWB or OWB holster. Spare mag or mags in either a single or double open top mag pouch behind the left hip.
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    New Member Array JACKEDCO's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Only carry a spare mag when I carry my Kahr. 7 rounds seems a little light when my other two carry almost or more than twice that.

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    Senior Member Array LoveLeather's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    If I have a jacket I will throw one in my pocket...I tried OWB carriers but the sharp edges of my mag made it too uncomfortable....

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    Senior Member Array tanksoldier's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    After trying several mag pouches I use one from Uncle Mike's which is really a general purpose pouch similar to a pocket knife sheath, with a velcro flap. The useful aspect is that it lays horizontally along the belt rather than sticking up perpendicular to it. Much more comfortable, and I can use it for both the P226 and P225. It has an elastic mouth which expands enough for the 226 double stack mags, but shrinks enough that the 225's single stack mag's baseplate won't let the magazine go all the way into the pouch. Cost like $10.
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    Jan 2006
    I marked IWB and pocket.

    I only carry pocket carry for a magazine (weak side front pocket) or speed loaders (strong side front pocket) when I'm forced to ankle carry my PPK/S or SF-VI by wardrobe. Otherwise, I carry weak side IWB for pistols, and strong side appendix carry in a speed loader case for revolvers.

    I have noticed something I find somewhat surprising in the results of this poll and the other one that is running about holsters. I realize that the same folks may not be voting in each poll, but most voters carry their firearms IWB, but carry their magazines OWB. I would have suspected that both one way or both the other would have been most common.

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    Senior Member Array hsuCowboy98's Avatar
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    Comp Tac OWB pouch.
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    Nov 2005
    (1) 1 or 2 vertical mag pouches from comp-tac on the weak side. bullets forward.
    (2) 1 horizontal mag pouch, strong side, bullets up.

    I really like the horizontal mag pouch. However, it is not acceptable in IDPA, and I do not want to play the "where is my reload now" game at any time. So, staying more with the vertical mag pouch.

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