Hip Grips for the snub

Hip Grips for the snub

This is a discussion on Hip Grips for the snub within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone running the Barami Hip Grips on their snub? I am interested in opinions on why or why not you have them, don't want them, ...

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Thread: Hip Grips for the snub

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    Hip Grips for the snub

    Anyone running the Barami Hip Grips on their snub? I am interested in opinions on why or why not you have them, don't want them, got rid of them, etc.

    If you do carry them, did you do anything to modify them and why?
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    Ixnay on "mexican carry"

    I carry a Jframe for my daily carry and I gotta say, i wouldn't use them simply for the fact that i don't like "mexican carry". For me its uncomfortable and I just don't think its safe.
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    I have a pair sitting in a drawer somewhere.

    My Brother "Mexican Carried" for years Off-Duty with them. What I don't like about them is that it doesn't hold the weapon as securely as a holster. If you are not going to be running and moving around a lot they work great in the Appendix position.

    As far as being "safe", I don't have a problem with a DA Trigger and no holster. I carry my J-Frame in my pocket, a bigger gun on my hip. They are a "niche" item that serves a specific purpose. If they suit your purpose then they are great.


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    I use 'em on a Taurus 850 2"er. Carried at 4 o'clock with a inelastic belt the firearm is just as secure as in a holster. When properly mounted your belt rides below the grip and above the cylinder providing a secure hold on the firearm. It is not a secure form of carry if you run elastic waistbands or no belt. Another plus is total thickness approaches that of the frame which is significantly less than that of a holster. Never regretted using them.
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    I bought a set and was very disappointed when I took them out of the package. They're cheap, crappy plastic and they feel (and look) terrible. YMMV, of course, but I can't deal with a fine machine like a Smith & Wesson revolver being paired up with plastic.

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    I prefer the Barami to the Clipdraw. The Clipdraw carries the gun higher and it was constantly trying to work its way out of my pants. The Barami carries lower so the cylinder is actually below the belt. I now have the Barami on my 49 which I use for that quick trip into town or gas station.

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    I like minimal bulk also...but I also like something between my gun and skin...a DeSantis invisible agent will do the same thing and give you a bit of protection....yo can also get it with a tuckable clip....and it works for a variety of small guns....

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