Female Concealed Carry

Female Concealed Carry

This is a discussion on Female Concealed Carry within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if this issue has already been discussed. I have a CCW and I am female. ...

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Thread: Female Concealed Carry

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    Question Female Concealed Carry

    I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if this issue has already been discussed.
    I have a CCW and I am female. Where should I carry? I have tried 5o'clock, I have tried in the purse. I live in California (I want to move out soon), but it is too hot to wear a tank, and a over shirt and blah, blah, blah to try and conceal a gun...any suggestions? I don't want to stick out. The girls at work already noticed my change in clothing style and started asking questions.
    I carry either a Khar PM-9, Glock 26, or a Glock 19. Any suggestions on the holsters for these guns?
    I want something that is easily accessible. Having a gun where I cannot get to it is just as good as a gun that is locked up.

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    Well, as a right handed shooter if 5:00 doesn't work try 4:30,4:00,3:30,3:00. Most people carry right around 4:00ish who are right handed. You can also try using a Smart Carry system or carrying around the 2:00 area.

    Most women here have stated to not carry in the purse. As that is what people target first who are snatch and grab.

    Like I said, put the holster in at 5:00 and start moving it around until it is comfortable and tucks well. Obviously a very tight shirt can not be worn to hide a firearm. But you can use a Smart Carry for that. To me that may be your best option. A UCC compression shirt may be an option as well. But I highly doubt any woman would really want to wear it daily.

    On top of all of this. A quality holster will help with tucking the gun. A quality belt is also needed to keep from flexing, stretching and keep the holster in place.

    This is the smart carry. Tucks the gun right up front.

    To keep dragging this post on. Part of your issue may be the guns you own. They just might not be the right firearm for you to conceal. A small J-Frame revolver might be what you need. A keltec or bersa may work as well, but to me those calibers are a bit too small. However, they are tiny weapons and can hide very well. With a small gun you can always pocket carry them which leaves your dress to almost anything as long as it has a pocket.

    Good luck, stay safe.

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    The female anotomy is a little different than a man's and better to look at.

    You might want to take a look at Mitch Rosen,Tony Kanaly at Milt Sparks, and Matt Del Fatti. They each have holsters designed for a woman's anatomical differences.

    One word of warning though. The holster makers I listed are some of the best in the business, but not the only good ones. There will be a long wait and a price that exceeds the mass produced "crap" you can find at your local gun emporium.

    Give one of these guys a call and chat with them. They are all nice people and personable. They are willing to help if you are willing to talk honestly with them. These are truely "Custom" leather craftsmen.

    Good luck, Biker

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    Check out www.corneredcat.com for all of the information on female concealed carry. It is a great site for women who carry (and they have good info for male shooters too). Good luck.
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    Take a look at this page on Matt's site.
    CLICK HERE - Holsters Designed For Females

    Matt is one of the finest holster makers on the planet.
    Be prepared to wait about two birthdays for a rig.

    One other option for you - (since wearing bulky or extra clothing in order to cover up a firearm) in your area makes you look obviously "out of place" would be to switch to the smallest 9mm available. That would be the Rohrbaugh 9mm.
    The Rohrbaugh is a very high quality tiny 9mm that you'll carry often but, it is not a real picnic to actually shoot.
    Everything is a compromise and when the size of the firearm goes down and the caliber stays the same then the handgun becomes less fun to shoot.
    The Rohrbaugh is also not cheap (priced at a thousand bucks) but, it's in your preferred caliber and is extremely high quality. It is also incredibly easy to conceal.
    Well, those are my suggestions.

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    Welcome to the forum KahrGirl!
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    Go directly to www.corneredcat.com , do not pass GO, do not collect $200.00 .
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    Hey, KahrGirl, I have a K9 and I love it!

    That said, that PM9 you have should be very concealable. I second the www.corneredcat.com tip. [edit]OK, third.[\edit]
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    Lima is one of our Mods. Her site is http://web.mac.com/mj_lauer/iWeb/Ran...y/Welcome.html and I think you will find some useful information there. I know my wife has.
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    its very hard for a female to figure out exactly where, how, and what to carry. I personally am 5'9" 115 lb and carry a kimber aegis (a 9mm, 3" barrel 1911) which I can conceal in a somewhat looser tshirt at either 4:30 or 6 ocklock depending on the holster (usually the 4:30 one).
    it really depends on the gun and the holster and your body shape. try and find a nice shop that will let you try holsters on. try every position and every angle. you will be surprised when all of a sudden your gun disappears. keep trying and dont give up. a slight change in wardrobe is probably necessary. do it slowly and ppl are less likely to notice. good luck!

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    Consider changing to a revolver for carry. Another thread discusses the merits of a Barami Hip Grip which allows for holsterless carry. Other than pocket carry of something like a KelTec P3AT, a snubbie with a Barami is about as concealable as you'll get.
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    When you get finished at corneredcat and any others mentioned, you might look at this:
    Don't know a thing about the products, but the female holster maker does a good job explaining about belt carry.
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    The Keltecs are among the smallest and lightest weight guns to carry concealed. Small revolvers like the SW J frames are also a good choice. I would think your Kahr should also be easy to carry. Glocks might be a bit thick and blocky for you to easily conceal.

    Keltec in a pocket holster, or IWB like the ones offered by UBG might work nicely. The P3AT in the clip on Striker from UBG is easily concealed under a t shirt. Your Kahr ought do the same. Andrews Mc Daniel II conceals my Kahr K40 very well.

    I really like having my Glock 26/27 in my new Comp tac MTAC IWB holster. It is half kydex/ half leather, adjustable for carry height & cant. Rather thin and very comfortable. Easily concealed under a t shirt. Finding the position on the body that works best for you may take some experimentation. Its all about finding the holster that will hold your gun in tight to the body, and avoid it being easily detectable.

    I understand a woman's shape will require different approach for concealed carry, but these holsters just might work for you.

    Just a few options to consider.

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    Also , consider a under armor or similar shirt for the base layer. Light and breathable, but provides chafe protection.
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