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Thumbs Down On Bell Charter Oak Holsters

This is a discussion on Thumbs Down On Bell Charter Oak Holsters within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Sorry to hear about you getting a dud. I have to say that it was courageous to go with a "new" (for you) maker. I ...

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Thread: Thumbs Down On Bell Charter Oak Holsters

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    Sorry to hear about you getting a dud. I have to say that it was courageous to go with a "new" (for you) maker. I have found a few makers that I like and I stick with them. It's just that my holster drawer is getting full and I don't have cash coming out of my ears.

    Thanks for the review and the warning. I think it's safe to say that with that kind of customer service they should be avoided at all costs.
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    Thanks For The Info...

    That holster does not look comfortable...I like mine to hug my waist...we all have had a few 'less than desirable holsters'...never had a bad one from Fist yet though...
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    Gee Cap'n, sorry I offered some ideas. However, when someone says that a company's "products are inferior and their customer service is worse" and yet is willing to take it in the shorts on the deal I am inclined to try to offer some helpful advice, requested or not. Now, nail that holster on the wall right in front of your computer so you can gaze at it before making further online purchases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by los View Post
    In regard to the subject Holster,

    Was it advertised to ride tight to the body once belted?

    Did language contained in it's description and/or function specifically address concealability?

    Just curious.

    This is the description of the holster taken directly from their web site. JimmyC quoted part of this description in his reply, also.

    One of the most lightweight and compact revolver holsters ever designed. Extremely concealable and effective. Features include forward cant, hi ride and stainless steel reinforced thumb break.
    But the description does not include a pic of the holster being worn by an actual person.

    Deceptive advertising? I think it is.

    I'm not convinced this holster is a true rendition of the original Chic Gaylord design. Both Bianchi & Safariland made hi-ride thumb-break holsters adapted from Gaylord's design. I carried both brands as a LEO back in the 70s, & both carried the gun tight to the body, with no outward cant.

    Bell Charter Oak told me they've been selling this holster for 30 years and never had a complaint. Yeah, right!

    So I'm still looking for a retro holster for my retro Cobra.

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    Captain Crunch,
    Thanks for allowing your mistakes to educate the masses. It takes a big man to admit a blunder and an even bigger one to use it to save the rest of us.
    I think you can tell a lot about a company, how they think of their products and their customers, by their policies related to satisfaction. This is nowhere as true as in the holster business. When you see companies such as Tucker Gunleather, which offers an "Iron Clad Guarantee", and will take a holster back for ANY reason, one quickly loses patience with makers of BCO ilk. In an industry as over-populated and competitive as the holster biz, this is going to result in fiscal darwinism selecting them right out of the herd.

    A pox upon them!
    "Happiness, is a warm gun" -St. John of Liverpool

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    Capt.C, thanks for letting us know about this. There are several here that will try out a new maker and a new holster on a whim. (me -me - me - lol ) It's nice to know that we have knowledgeable people to help each other out. Keep it as a vehicle or shop holster, or maybe a dog chew toy.

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    I'm not old enough to have been around when the original Gaylord holsters were still in widespread use, so I have to ask this.

    Is the holster significantly different in construction or design from the original? I understand that some here have used variations of the original made by other companies, but has anyone encountered an original Gaylord holster of this design?

    While I'm asking questions, can anyone recommend a reputable company that makes retro style holsters?

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