Kydex vs. Leather

Kydex vs. Leather

This is a discussion on Kydex vs. Leather within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am pondering over whether to get a CTAK or MTAK for my PM9. I want a good, tuckable, holster with an established reputation. Correspondance ...

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Thread: Kydex vs. Leather

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    Kydex vs. Leather

    I am pondering over whether to get a CTAK or MTAK for my PM9. I want a good, tuckable, holster with an established reputation. Correspondance with the company (they return emails very quickly), indicates that the leather adds about an1/8" in total thickness. I wear an undershirt year around, but wondered if any found a preference between leather and the kydex in terms of comfort. I tend to perspire alot at all times. The leather would aborb the moisture. The kydex would repell it. Either way, I would expect a damp spot where the holster sits. I can live with it. This will be my first CC holster. The Mtak looks abit bulkier with more surface to body contact area. Also, any expereince with the differant types of clips. J clip, regular, v clip, etc... ? I want them as unobtrusive as possible, but still affording the support... Any input would be welcome. Thanks!

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    Don't know about these companies, but check out the crossbreed supertuck if you haven't yet. You've got your leather next to your body, and a thin kydex sheath on the outside. Very comfy, and great customer service.
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    Check out blade-tech

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    I would go with a Crossbreed. I have the CTAC and the kydex eats into me. Comp-Tac does have excellent customer & communication service. If you are set on the Comp-Tac, I would probably go the MTAC route. jmo

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    Kydex holsters are thin, but not as flexible as leather...I have a few Kydex...there is a time and place for kydex, but I prefer leather..
    Leather without a kydex interior...OMO
    Almost all of my IWB holsters have strong steel's what I prefer...they seem to stay in place for me...also, easy on and off!

    Have fun searching, and get your large box for holster storage, now...
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    Guess its personal preference. I like leather-but I have 5 CTACs, I infidel, MTAC coming. I like my KD Dakota for its adjustability and comfort, MS VMII for comfort, AKJ Concealco for price, FIST for aggravation and soon enough the Brommeland MaxConV.

    Your choice, my .02
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    Mtac is great. I hardly think the slight thickness of the leather back will effect your ability to conceal your gun. It will add to your comfort.

    I've got the standard clips and they are fine. Nice and secure.

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    I've had a CTAC for awhile now....great holster! Just got my new MTAC Monday....great holster too! The leather is great for the comfort when not wearing an undershirt in the summer heat and the kydex is wonderful for the thinner profile, especially when "dressed up". I love and will use both as approiate.

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    I don't really have a comparison here, but I am using a CTAC for my PM9 and I love it. I do general remodeling work and have been working outside in Georgia (which today it was 101 degrees with HIGH humidity). Needless to say, I sweat a good bit. And this holster is still comfortable even when contorting my body in all manner of positions while sweating profusely (all part of the job)
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    As the others have said, non-porous materials will moisture repellant, but not nearly as comfortable. Like most here, I have quite a varitey of materials and manufactures, and everything is a compromise. I prefer leather for IWB, for comfort reasons, but finding the perfect holster for you may take a few purchases, or lifetime, to achieve.

    When considering a holster I would make sure that it has a sweat guard/full coverage against direct HG contact. Horsehide, though not quite a pliable as regular leather, is far more mositure resistant, and worth the price difference. Leather adds bulk as you know, so for IWB I'm a big fan of, which blends the comfort of leather with kydex to make one comfortable tuckable IWB.

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    kydex vs leather ???

    Kydex is utilitarian, impervious, mechanical. Leather is aesthetic, mortal, natural. The former excels for it's durability, the latter for it's beauty. Both are great choices, all should own both.

    Kydex wears a couple spots on your gun, does it quickly, and goes no farther. Leather wears the whole gun, but very slowly, and keeps doing it. IMHO one is no better or worse than the other.

    I have pine sap on one of my leather holsters. I don't believe it will ever come off. Yeah, I've asked and have tried the suggestions. Were this a kydex holster I could scrub it with a green kitchen sccratcher using lighter fluid and be done with it. That was just a lesson for me - wear kydex when i'm doing dirty stuff and leather is for dressing up.

    my .02

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