New K&D Leather for Taurus Judge

New K&D Leather for Taurus Judge

This is a discussion on New K&D Leather for Taurus Judge within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For the past week or so my Taurus Judge has been vacationing in Florida. My cousin and I both have Judge revolvers with the 4" ...

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Thread: New K&D Leather for Taurus Judge

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    New K&D Leather for Taurus Judge

    For the past week or so my Taurus Judge has been vacationing in Florida. My cousin and I both have Judge revolvers with the 4" barrel. Don't bother looking at the Taurus site or their literature to find out about the 4" barrel version because it's not there. Sports South is a huge firearms and sporting goods distributor, big enough to have Taurus produce a version of the Judge just for them. The Judge with the 4" barrel is only available from Sports South and dealers who buy from them. Last year about this time when I went to buy one I had decided on the 3" barrel until I saw the 4" version on the table of my favorite dealer. I was at a gun show and he had all three versions on his table. I was hooked on the 4". When my cousin saw mine he had to have one and was able to find one in stainless with the 4" barrel from the same dealer.

    A few months ago I told him that I was going to get Kevin at K&D to make a rig for Leah (my wife) to use to carry the Judge around the house. He asked me about a paddle holster. I printed a copy of the page from Kevin's site and took my paddle holster by for him to look at. By now you have probably figured out that my cousin is not computer literate. Actually that is an understatement. As of now he has not risen to the level of computer illiterate. He doesn't have one and as far as I know has never even looked at one except maybe on television. He decided he wanted a Paddle Defender for his Judge. I contacted Kevin and got on the list for two holsters and a belt.

    Kevin called recently and said that he would be ready to start on my holsters when I could get the Judge down to him. I sure is nice to have an FFL so that all I had to do was box it up and ship it to Kevin's FFL. Today I got the two holsters in and got the Judge back. The belt for Leah's holster will probably come in tomorrow. There wasn't room for that, my belt, etc. in the box that came today. Besides the other stuff could be sent a different way. This box had the Judge in it.

    Below you will find photos of the Judge Paddle Defender with the Judge. Unfortunately I don't have my cousin's stainless model or I would have take the photos of it. Even with my blued version the holster is beautiful. After I took the pictures I wore it for about 15 minutes before Leah went off to deliver it. It is very comfortable and rides really well. I'll see what my cousin says in a couple of days.


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    Good work by Kevin (as per) ......... that really graces the gun George and must have been quite fiddly to do as it's not a std item.

    Sits beautifully and I'll expect too sits nice on the hip. I have thought about this gun a few times but reckon probably if I get one it'll be the stock 3". That delightful cylinder has the same sorta ''feel'' as that on my BFR! Nice!
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    Those look great! I really need to invest in one of his holsters.

    Good looking Judge!
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    Here come de Judge!

    That is outstanding, George!

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    Como Estas from P. I. ,Beautiful work Kevin as usual.
    Adto Naku,
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    Really nice.

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    As usual you make me turn Green with envy
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    Another great rig from Kevin!!

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    The holster looks very nice!! Of course it does, because Kevin made it. I honestly would not think of going anywhere else for a leather holster!

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