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Thread: Need Help choosing (Merged)

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    Need Info on choosing Holster

    I assume that this question has been asked a lot, but here it goes...
    I am a first time CCW and wish to purchase a holster that will provide the best concealement and confort. I thought I had an idea as to what I was looking for, that is until I researched countless makers and models, now I am just overloaded with info and I am asking for any input i.e. manufacturers, method of carry, so on.
    I typicaly wear either jeans with a t-shirt or cargo style pant with a t shirt in the summer, winters a mild here in the south so a light to medium jacket. I know that one holster will not work for all situations, but I would prefer to stick to something that could be worn all year round. Some links would be appreciated with any expertise.

    Thanks in Advance

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    I would recomend you look at the Milt Sparks VersaMax-II. I have several of them, one for every CCW I have.
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    Post this on the concealed carry holster forum here. Lots of folks there will give a thousand and one good ideas.
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    A Crossbreed Supertuck is my (current) year round holster.

    Though I think it's almost unavoidable not to end up with a small holster collection before you find the one for you.
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    First, Maze, welcome aboard! To answer you more accurately, your gender would have to be taken into consideration.

    For a male, here's my take: Ditto the Milt Sparks VM-II (for Kimber CDP-II Ultra)

    When I can't cover, I pocket carry (that is in a pocket holster) a Kahr PM9, and my main pants are 5.11 tacticals 7 days a week.

    For a female...I am suffering with my wife on the same question you have raised. My VM-II is very uncomfortable for her due to the female hour-glass figure. So, I will be interested in seeing what works for her. (Not to hi-jack the thread, if any polsters have advice on holsters for the ladies, please send me a private message. Brommeland was once trying to help, but for some reason that got dead-ended.)

    Good luck. Like one gun doesn't fit all situations, I agree one holster also doesn't fit all situations. Have fun collecting!
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    I think your build (body type) has to be taken into consideration. I have a gut and love handles, so the only real option for me is small of the back. I know there are a lot of people that discourage this because you can fall on your weapon and hurt your back, but it does conceal the weapon well.
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    My build is average, i am relatively short 5 foot 5 inches and weigh 155, right now i am carrying with an uncle mikes iwb, the problem is that no matter how I position the holster you can still tell I am carrying, and can not get it to feel confortable, by the way I carry a S&W 6946 DAO 3 and1/2 inch barrel. I am looking for a better concealement and confort from my current holster and willing to spend the money on a custom fit.

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    Hi Maze.

    I use a 6946 for a primary carry piece. I have made several holsters for mine. Note: My mag extension is shaved down to make it more carry friendly.

    I also have two new designs for an IWB using clips that I'm almost ready to show.

    Quick Change IWB

    The Slide OWB


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    I guess it depends on what firearm? Pocket carry is in general the best all around carry - but only for a select few models. For IWB holster I utilize a Crossbreed. I have utilized other highend IWB holsters and this by far has been the most comfortable. I think you can find several IWB holsters that conceal equally - but then comfort becomes the next barrier. For OWB or shoulder carry there are a host of options, because in general with OWB you are not that concearned with the comfort because the gun rarely touches the skin - but some of the tighter model do. Stick with a reputable holster maker. Post what you are thinking of getting and you will get a thumbs up or down.

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    Flyboy the weopon is a S&W 6946 DAO, Crossbreed does not make for my gun. Here is a couple of possibilities
    and i am leaning more towards the M-11 type style.

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