Noticed several memos about belly bands and being that I have been using a new product that I lik eI wanted to pass it on to you all to do as you wish with. And no Iam not being paid I just like nice product, the company is undercovercomfort and the make a a great belly wrap acalle dthe UCCWrap.
It is moisture wicking holster The UnderCoverComfort Tactical Wrap Concealment Holster System, (UCCWrap) is ideal for those occasions when concealment is vital. , the UCCWrap Holster System evenly distributes the weight of your gun and your additional utilities being carried around your waits and or upper torso, so the gun feels more comfortable without sagging. Weight distribution allows for comfort in wearing, the UCCWrap Holster System ™, is designed for complete concealment and fits a wide variety of handguns. Each side of the body both (left & right) designed with a built-in holster pockets made of heavy-duty elastic.

This holster provides the ability to conceal weapon each side under the arms and or on the waist. The UCCWrap™ is a double sided universal belly wrap style holster made from 4" and 5" Wide breathable elastic with velcro adjustment maximum comfort, can be worn around Chest or Waist. Holster can be worn regular draw and or cross draw.

Holsters are made from surgical grade elastic to provide that extra secure support and comes with a detachable suspender. Have the ability to carry concealed handcuffs, extra mags.

holsters /pockets can be transformed and used to carry handcuffs and or other items I carry gloves.

So far I love their products delivery might be slow but the products are great.

you can visist them at or